Read This When You’ve Lost Faith In God


I know that it’s probably been a rough couple of years. I know you’ve gone through enough darkness and despair to even lose hope that it’s all going to get better, whether it’s losing hope in ever fixing your parents’ marriage or losing hope in moving on from a horrible breakup.

I’m here to remind you that it will get better, but you have to take a huge leap of faith with God in this season of your life.

Life doesn’t magically turn into paradise the moment you start wishing for things to be better. Prayers aren’t a wish-granting system that gives you a reason to demand all your needs and wants. God hears you — your pain, your struggle, your heartbreaks, your successes. He hears you and he validates all your feelings.

However, you have to learn to trust in God’s timing. Maybe you’re the kind of person that struggles with control and you want to let God take over the wheel, but it’s easier said than done. Maybe you’ve been trying your entire life and you just came to the point where you’ve absolutely stopped trying, and that included giving up on hearing God’s voice. Maybe you’ve just grown accustomed to thinking you deserve to be miserable your entire life, thinking that you deserve to be alone. Maybe you’ve just let your anxiety, your shame, and your past define you and keep you away from God.

However, none of this is true. The last thing that God wants us to feel is darkness, and He wants to be there for you through darkness that’s overwhelming you. God is the symbol of hope and light in a world that shows us the exact opposite, and He wants to be just that in your life.

God is reminding you to keep going and that your story isn’t over yet. He is reminding you that He is working on a breakthrough in what you’re struggling with, but you have to keep the faith. He wants an intimate relationship with you, but he’s just waiting for you to come back to Him.

God is saying, “I’m sorry that your heart is breaking right now and I’m sorry if you’re tired of trying. Just trust in my timing, hold tight on me, and I will fight this battle for you.”