Real Writers Don’t Write For Fame


Real writers don’t write for fame, superiority, or a pat on the back.

We don’t write in hopes of getting the most views on an article, and we don’t write in hopes of making it on somebody’s bestseller list. If these things happen, of course it’s something to celebrate and be proud of, but it’s not why we put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

We write because it’s therapeutic for us. Because it’s our way of being able to explain how we feel and who we are. Because it’s an extension of our true selves.

We write because we want someone, even if it’s just one person, to be able to relate. Because we know how lonely it is to feel a certain way or think a certain thought and not have anyone else to share it with. We write because we want someone out there to feel like they’re not alone.

We write because it just makes sense.

Because we can’t stop scribbling in our notebooks, phones, computers, and journals the thoughts that scramble through our heads.

When the words seep from our pores and drip onto paper, it’s like magic. We can’t explain how it happens, it just does. It’s like the words live inside of us, waiting for the right moment to surface, and when they do, there’s no turning back.

We write to make sense of our lives. Because we can’t fully understand our own hurts and feelings until we let them bleed onto the paper before us, every emotion overflowing, making its way into our work.

We write because it’s what we love. Because without being able to express ourselves through our writing, the world feels empty and bland and not worth making sense of.

We write because it eases the pain. Because after etching our feelings onto something tangible, it’s a lot easier to throw away and forget. Because being able to express ourselves in writing is all we need to move on.

We write because we want to feel bigger than ourselves. Because we know that this world can occasionally be a hurtful, disappointing, and unbearable place, and maybe – just maybe – our words can ignite hope and love.

Real writers don’t write for fame.

We write because it’s who we are.