Recapping American Horror Story: Coven Week 6


This week Ryan Murphy and I finally made peace with each other. We’re friends now. He is invited over every week for wine and boy-talk. He brought back the light of my life, Emma Roberts, from the dead and there were more Stevie Nicks references in this episode. Although Nicks was not in this episode, you can tell she is coming. I’m going to assume she is going to be in every episode until she actually is. So much happened this episode and Lange further proved that she is out for her damn Emmy. Give Jessica her Emmy!

  • The opening of this week’s episode is flawless albeit completely random. The Axe-man begins his slaughtering of citizens in New Orleans in 19 () and claims that unless a swinging jazz band is playing in their homes, he will strike again and again. The coven of witches at the time decide to band together and stab him to death. Was it just be or could you imagine, “Fuck You” by Lily Allen playing in the background as they all took turns stabbing him? Girl power, yes.

  • Also, one of the witches is totally Maria from season 1 in the episode ‘Home Invasion’ Hey, hon! Glad to have you back.
  • Once again, Taissa…you just mess it all up. She finds a Ouija board in a hidden cupboard and decides to immediately use it? Okay, girl. But seriously anything involving a Ouija board creeps me out so much. I am afraid to mess with that stuff so this scene struck a chord.
  • Jessica Lange’s scene in which she receives chemo treatment broke my heart. This show so good at balancing her being a cruel Supreme and a completely empathetic human. We need more complex female characters like her on television.

  • When she tells the lady also receiving cancer treatment that she will make it to her daughter’s wedding, and so she should blow the bank on a beautiful dress I teared up.
  • Obviously Taissa would be the one to release the Axe-Man but…i’ll forgive her because MY SWEET BABY EMMA ROBERTS HAS BEEN DISCOVERED. She is looking a tad rough after decomposing for a week or so, but still better than most.
  • Sarah Paulson may be blind, but this week she was kicking ass and taking names. Without her eyesight, she has been given the gift of clarity. She was able to see that her man is cheating scum and almost beats him with her blind walking stick.
  • When Queenie says to Denis O’Hare “Fiona isn’t here to help you Riff Raff” I about died. They always give Queenie the best lines in the entire show.

  • Lily Rabe is growing bodies in her garden, apparently.
  • Tate and his delicious butt finally make a return in this episode. All he does is thrash around and sort of cry. Well done, Evan Peters. Well done! It is clear that his character is suffering deep post traumatic stress from his mother’s sexual abuse, but i’m not sure how I feel about the way they’re treating this subject matter.
  • Lily Rabe finally enters the Coven house. Now you know shit is about to get real. She also notes that there are, “bad vibes” within the Coven house and proceeds to raid their fridge and leave. I also raid a fridge before I leave a friend’s house as well.
  • Where the hell is Kathy Bates?!

  • Sarah Paulson’s boyfriend is revealed to be the new axeman and was hired by Angela Bassett to destroy all the witches. Six years on the same assignment? Boy, you need to up your game. Angela Bassett is literally flawless in this scene, though and perhaps some of the best acting in the whole episode.
  • My baby girl, teenage-dream Madison is back! FINALLY. I would just like to thank Ryan Murphy for finally bringing back the best thing about this season. The first thing she says when she is able to speak again is, “I need a cigarette.” Literally a woman after my own heart. Except…why is she acting sort of nice? I know you were dead for a while but up the sass, hon.

  • Sarah Paulson comes face to face with the ghost of the axe man and proceeds to knock everything in her room over in fear. I hope this season she has a scene where she uses her powers to just fuck someone’s day up. Sarah Paulson was such a badass in season 2 I really want her character to get some vindication!

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