Recapping ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Week 8


Annnnnd we’re back after a week hiatus. This episode was the typical “moving the chess pieces” in order to push the plot along. Tonally, it was extremely different than other episodes and i’m not sure how I felt about it. However, the showdown between Fiona and Madison sort-of occurred and it made my heart happy. However, this episode also touched a truly human horror story. The topic of cancer is explored heavily and was extremely disconcerting to watch. Ryan Murphy, more Madison, less sweet Jessica Lange writhing in pain
  • The episode opens with Queenie wandering around some sketchy bridge underpass and quickly escalates to her cutting out a mans heart while it still beats. Seemed fairly anatomically incorrect, but in a show all about witches I suppose that continuity should be the least of my worries. Queenie, how did you become so cold in a matter of a few days? Come here, let me hold you.
  • My poor baby Jessica Lange is so much pain due to her cancer
  • Is Patti LuPone giving her hot son a bleach enima? That literally sounds like the worst thing that you could do to someone. I hope his abs will be okay…
  • This blind Sarah Paulson is stone cold and it is amazing. She may be the runner up for new Madison for me…
  • Thank goodness my sweet Lily Rabe is back, and this time she is proclaimed to be the Supreme. As long as it’s not Taissa, i’m fine with that.
  • Myrtle sounds like a chainsmoker but it’s understandable since she was burned at the stake and all.
  • Why do I get the strong feeling that Taissa, Emma Roberts, and Evan Peters actually are in three-way relationship off cameras? Not sure, but Tates lack of character development has been truly riveting throughout this season…seeing as he has maybe said 14 lines the whole time.
  • I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks, i’m gunning for Nan to be the next supreme and if she is, you heard it here first.
  • “Surprise, bitch. Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me,” YAAAAS this scene between Madison and Fiona has been what i’ve been waiting for. Plus, Madison looked flawless in her red dress.
  • The scene of Jessica Lange wasting away due to cancer was a little bit too real. Thanks for that, American Horror Story writers….thanks.
  • Nan telling the other witches that they can “suck balls” is one of the best lines of the season hands down….and she finds a hot boy tied up in a closet so…
  • This episode raises the interesting question of whether or not assisted suicide should be legal or not; or whether or not it is morally right or wrong. I’m not stating my opinion on it either way, just stating that the show is definitely bringing up this topic to raise some eyebrows and get people talking.
  • Fiona did not once apologize for slaughtering either of those witches….girl, where are your manners?
  • I still love the friendship between Kathy Bates and Queenie. I hope that Queenie realizes betraying friends so they can be bled out for youthful face masks is extremely rude.
  • I want Kathy Bates’ sweater so if anyone knows where it is from, let me know.
  • When Fiona comes back from the dead and walks into the living room- everyone’s face is priceless.
  • I ship Nan and hot-neighbor-boy so badly. I hate that his cute head got shot. Hopefully his abs are okay though.
  • Honestly, I love her…but Patti LuPone’s character is bat shit insane and probably should have stayed dead.
  • Not sure which is worse, having a boyfriend who cheats or a boyfriend who systematically plots to slaughter all my witch friends. Unfortunately for Sarah Paulson, her boyfriend is both. Ain’t that the breaks, girl.
  • I want to start wearing head wraps like Jessica Lange. It will be my winter look.
  • Finally Tate talks and admits his love for Taissa. Aw….Madison…I’m sure Tate loves you too! Don’t cry, girl. You’re flawless. I sense a serious show down coming between Madison and Taissa Farmiga.
  • Seeing Kathy Bates’ head in a box will literally haunt me till my dying day.

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