Remember That You Are Magic


Remember that you are magic.

Remember that you should never have to beg someone to stay or beg someone to love you; you glow despite who notices.

Remember that you are worthy just as you are. You do not need to see a different number on the scale or worry over perfect lighting.

Remember that you deserve to have exactly what you want. Remember that you do not have to wait for someone else to meet your needs.

Remember that you are kind, brave, and considerate. You have a glittering shine about you that is entirely your own.

Remember that your being does not become less when you are rejected. People are merely attracted to what they can identify in others as themselves, and honey, you are one of a kind.

Remember that you do not have to stay until things become unbearable. You are allowed to walk away from absolutely everything that does not uplift you, everything that doesn’t make you feel valued.

Remember not to let others’ visions for their life lead you away from your own. Remember what you want who you are — give that to yourself.

Remember that the moments you feel the most unloved are the same moments you should be giving to yourself. Remember that you are whole. Remember that you deserve your friendship, too.

Remember that other people are only as important and relevant as you allow them to be, especially regarding their opinions.

Remember that you allowed to evolve, shed, become, undress, and change as many times as you need to. You are allowed to create who you want to be; you are allowed to transform.

At the end of each and every single day, just remember that you are magic. Regardless of how much you lose, how many people have left, and how many have yet to come, you are magic.

You are entirely worthy as is. YYou are the artist of your own life and the decorator of your world.

You make art out of chaos and spin healing from heartbreak. You will rise again and again; you are magic.