Remember: There Is Beauty In Your Brokenness


If you are asking: “Am I broken?” then you are beautiful. If you feel as though you are standing with the mismatched puzzle pieces of yourself, and desperately wondering how they might come together to make a complete person, then let me share my elation, my midnight thoughts for you:

You are broken – thank goddess, thank goddess! Your cracks are open revealing the sweet ambrosia of your inner self. I see you – thank goddess, thank goddess!! My heart is warming to your hurts and your hopes. My feelings are learning your feelings, and we are splitting the difference of an impossible distance. You cry when you care, and when that thing that you loved turns out not to be there. When you do this, I don’t feel alone.

In you, I see me. In me, I desire to have so much more of you. You’re beautiful – my goddess, my stars! Dream chaser, I dare you to break over and over, again! Come unglued. Any arrangement of you is fine by me.

Let your clouds swirl, brew up your storm. There we will find the unfathomable truth of who you are, and who you must give to this world. Does it feel wrong, or does it feel new? Hard to tell the difference between the two.

Run, walk, dance, crawl, fly, skip, or fall towards anything at all that makes your heart sing – and let me be near you to rejoice in your passion. Let me stand beside you when the mirror cracks, and the many fragmented reflections of you don’t quite fit together. I love them all singularly, and, to me, they make sense as a whole, too.

Today, and always, I celebrate you for all the deliciously human moments you allow me to glimpse. I build mental tributes to lovely, living-alive, monumentally “broken” you.