Remember This About Love When You’re Feeling Hopelessly Heartbroken


Love does not pontificate.
Love listens.
Love is not authority.
Love is acceptance.
Love does not justify cowardice.
Love is aware.
Love never creates fear.
Love opens unknown doors.
Love makes no assumptions.
Love keeps faith.
Love is not the touch that haunts.
Love is what feels like home.
Love doesn’t change goalposts.
Love is humane.
Love draws no comparison.
Love sees beauty.
Love is not the heart in a pit.
Love is uplifting.
Love does not control.
Love nourishes.
Love is not always sacrificing and patient.
Love is courage.
Love does not gaslight.
Love seeks forgiveness.
Love never plays victim.
Love is self preserving.
Love is not an occasion.
Love is a way of life.
Love is not myopic.
Love is free flowing.
Love does not consume.
Love is the afterglow.
Love is not the heartbeat skipped.
Love is self assurance.
Love is never vindictive
Love embraces change.
Love does not seek approval.
Love always finds a way.
Love knows nothing absolute.
Love perceives grey.
Love is not a cage.
Love is a forest.
Perfectionism does not exist.
Love does.