Remember When You Fucked Me Like You’d Never See Me Again?


Remember when you slid your hands up my skirt on the train ride home? When you whispered in my ear that you couldn’t wait to have me, taste me, make me scream. Remember when you played with my clit with everyone around us? With the guy across from us pretending like something interesting was on his phone, with the mother who gave her child her smartphone just to shut him up. Remember when you made me wet and they had no idea?

Remember when we got to the station and you asked if you could fuck me in the bathroom? When I said no because the sinks and stalls were dirty so you pushed me up against a building on our walk home instead. Remember when you smacked my ass and it echoed against the city walls? Remember when I giggled in response and you pushed your body against me even harder?

Remember when we got back to your place and I stumbled up the stairs? Remember when you didn’t help me up and you kissed me on the floor instead?

Remember when we got to your door and you struggled with the key? When you became embarrassed because you couldn’t get into your own apartment, and you thought it’d kill the mood, but it made me want you even more? Remember when I told you I wanted you so bad I’d fuck you in the hallway if we had to?

Remember when we got into your kitchen and you hoisted me up on your counter top? When you spread my legs, put your hands on my knees, and kissed my thigh. When you used your hand to tease my pussy while you used your mouth to bite the buttons on my blouse. Remember when I unbuttoned it for you and you admired my breasts, put your lips on them because you wanted a taste?

Remember when you got rock hard and I got soaking wet before any of the good stuff even began? Remember when you pulled me forward to the edge of the granite so you could fuck me? Remember when you picked me up and entered me mid-air so you could feel me even more? Remember when I moaned in pure enjoyment, when I kissed your ear and told you that you felt so good and you began to fuck me faster?

Remember when you carried me from the kitchen to the bed while you were still inside me? When we clumsily collapsed onto your mattress that strangely had no sheets. When you didn’t even have to explain because I wanted to fuck you so badly, I didn’t care.

Remember when you reached into your bedside table and got a condom? Remember when I saw the handcuffs lying next to them and looked at you suggestively? Remember when you took them out, no questions asked?

Remember when I surprised you and took them from your hands? When I put one cuff around you and the other around your bed? Remember when I held your other hand down so that you couldn’t touch me? When I teased you with my tits against your mouth and felt your hard dick rub against my clit. Remember when I put you inside me and rode you really slowly? Remember when you asked me to uncuff you so you could put your hands all over me? Remember when I laughed and told you no?

Remember when I told you to watch me. When I rubbed my fingers against my breasts, slid my hands down my body and touched myself so good you sincerely thought I came. Remember when I told you I wanted to cum with you, so I let your hand be free and you grabbed me so fast I lost my breath.

Remember what you did to me after being teased? How you kissed my entire body and fucked me so good I thought I’d never be fucked like that again? Remember how when it was all over you laid in bed and watched me get dressed? Remember when I left without your phone number and you’d thought you’d never see me again?

Remember when we ran into each other three weeks later, and you looked at me like you would do it all over again? Remember when I looked back at you the same exact way?