Remember: You Are Light Reincarnated And You Are Here To Shake This World With Your Wings


I need you to know something: your bones were poured from black lava from the deepest crevice of this earth.

Your skin was sewn by hummingbirds as they lovingly buzzed around you whispering with each stitch the love that you are and always have been and have forgotten.

Your eyes were created in the ocean—they were poured with the sunshine speckles that pours down to the deepest cavity between reefs and whales and small yellow fish.

The black of your eyes is from the moon, the speckles are freckles of the stars.

Your heart beat contains the call of this earth—it beats with the strength of each elephants foot hitting the earth.

Your breasts were inspired by mountains—and your lips are the most sacred thing I gave you for with them you may speak—and you contain the heavens inside you and with that mouth you may call on humans and this world for everything you desire and believe you shouldn’t.

Are you listening?

You have it all inside of you, I created you so thoughtfully and so lovingly—there isn’t a strand on you that isn’t worthy of love.

You are light reincarnated and you are here to shake this world with your wings.