Remember: You Have Already Lived Through The Worst Day Of Your Life


Every time you have thought that you couldn’t wake up and face another day, you did. The most important thing to remember about a bad day is that at some point, it has to be over. The sun will set, the clock will strike midnight, and soon it will be time to turn over your hourglass and begin again.

The beauty of a new day is that you have never lived it before. There is an entirely new world waiting for you when the sun rises. In just a few short hours, this new world will be yours. You have already lived through the worst day of your life, so please, give tomorrow a chance to be the best.

Every challenge, every bump in the road and unexpected dead end, has brought you to this point. All of those things you cursed in the moment and swore that you would never be able to survive, you survived. And you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Maybe your journey hasn’t been a pretty one. Maybe you have lived through things and seen things that you would never wish on anyone. No one deserves to suffer, but please know that through your pain and suffering you have become so strong. There is nothing in this world that you cannot face and conquer because you have already made it through a lifetime of bad days.

You are supposed to be here. You have a purpose in this life, and you are needed. Do not let your bad day tell you otherwise. It can be easy when you are surrounded by your pain to feel like the world would be a better place without you in it, but I promise you that it wouldn’t be. You would not be here if you were not supposed to be. You are deserving of love and happiness, and all of those things that you feel are so far outside of your grasp. Do not be afraid to reach towards something better, even if you are not sure what that something is yet. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you cannot see it.

Trust in what the universe has planned for you and know that you can persevere through anything. Maybe you have failed each time you have tried to begin again and you are feeling hopeless. But maybe what you cannot see right now is how wrong each failure was. Maybe the paths or the people you were so certain about were not your destiny. You may see them as failures right now, but in the future, you will realize that those failures were actually your saviors. Who knows what turmoil you were able to avoid all because that one thing that you wanted so badly did not work out. Everything happens for a reason. You just have to remember that the timeline for when we discover that reason may be longer than we anticipated. But I promise you that one day, it will just click. You will see the life you narrowly avoided flash before your eyes and you will know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, with who you are supposed to be with.

Life is never going to be easy. It is an uphill battle with an ever-changing slope, but that does not mean that you cannot succeed. Every time you begin to slip, and you feel like letting go, remember every other time you felt this way and how you didn’t let go then. Why would you now? You have already lived through the worst day of your life, so why would you give up before you have had your best?

There is as much beauty as there is pain in this life, and you cannot let yourself forget that. There will always be good, and there will always be bad. There will be days that you want to give up, and there will be days that you never want to end. Never forget the beauty of those days, even when everything around you is pushing you to believe that happiness just isn’t in the cards for you. You can and will have the life you have always dreamed of. You just have to keep going. Don’t let one bad day, bad month, or bad year take that away from you.

You have already lived through the worst day of your life, so you can get through this one, too.