Repeat After Me: You Are Enough


I think more often than not, we, as humans, don’t give ourselves enough credit. We don’t take the time to acknowledge the challenges we face on a daily basis, and the seismic waves it ripples throughout bodies. I don’t think we realize how powerful our voices can be in the face of adversity.

We’re told from as young as we can remember to be fearless and competitive as if you’re a lion hunting for prey. We’re told to be powerful and strong-minded otherwise the person next to us will take our spot. We’re told to appear put-together in hopes of not warding off potential lovers.

And those are great adjectives and/or goals one should strive to be, though at times, it can take its toll on us. The pressure of consistently portraying this golden image eventually can erode to something less shiny.

The light the shines within us dims down dramatically in dark moments, further sinking us away from who we are or hope to be. It’s not like anyone wants to be sad or utterly confused about their life. It’s just, when specific instances in our lives occur that shake up our world in ways it couldn’t move before, you wonder if you can ever get back to the innocent and calm stillness it once had.

In amidst of the #MeToo movement and the numerous scandals rocking our nation, whether it be displayed on television or something we deal with amongst our personal bubble, it’s safe to say everyone can rally up fighting for humanity’s worthiness in our society.

We’re now learning that we are more than the fading bruises on our thighs and collarbones. We are more than being lured in with conniving, shallow, and unpromising words. We are more than a dollar figure or a steak on a plate.

We can speak up when we are treated less than whole.

And so, I Am Enough is a mantra I will resonate with for the rest of my existence. Saying those three simple words provide a grounding yet empowering experience like no other.

You are enough when your love handles pop out to say hello to you in the morning.

You are enough when other’s discredit your ability in the workplace.

You are enough when it comes to deserving a loving relationship.

Just like #MeToo, I believe we should all find our enough in this world.