Republicans Are Dogs And Democrats Are Cats


I like dogs because we have a win/win relationship. When I call my dog, she comes to me because she wants to. She needs me and I need her. We’re family. Dogs want to be loved. I know a few Republican Senators who want to be loved, but they seem a little too needy. They tend to be RINOs (Republican In Name Only).

Dogs tend to run in packs. They instinctively accept the need for order. Dogs are loyal, in the same way Republicans are loyal to the Constitution. Like me, they are creatures of habit; when they find something works, they do it over and over, like bringing you the Frisbee. They just know you are going to throw it again!

Dogs prefer the outdoors where there is space to run, play, bark and dig. Republicans populate the wide open states like Wyoming, Utah, Arizona and Montana. Their trusty dogs help them round up cattle, ducks and geese. Republicans like to shoot guns, hunt and fish, ride horses and dig for oil.

Democrats are like Cats. They are wild, independent and selfish. They talk about love a lot, but are weary of it, because it means giving up some of their independence. It is the Democrats who push for gender blurring, freedom from responsibility legislation. Legalizing marijuana, government paid abortions, and all sorts of nanny-state rules about smoking on the beach, protecting darter snails in mud puddles, are all trademarks of Liberal legislatures.

Cats don’t work much. Ever heard of a ‘seeing eye’ cat? However, cats will give up freedom for security. That’s why they make great indoor pets. Give them food and comfort, a nice soft sofa to sleep on, and leave them alone, and they are purr-fectly content.

Democrats need many group constituencies to form a coalition to win elections. Like cats, these groups have very selfish agendas, so they wouldn’t get very far if they had to win elections alone. But, like cats, Democratic constituencies are very clever; they strategically form alliances to serve their greater need, and use their group power to buy favors. Unions have learned how to herd cats; they wave dollar bills in front of them.

There are some rather telling statistics that go along with my line of thinking. A survey found that 9 of 10 states with the highest ownership of dogs went for Romney in the 2012 election. But 4 of 5 states with the highest cat ownership went for Obama. Of course, the high density states like New York are cat states because of their urbanization.

I live in California, the state that elected Ronald Reagan as Governor. But that was many dog years ago….now we have the Ultimate Poll Cat for Governor, Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown.

image – Flickr / emdot