Resist The Urge To Put Yourself In A Box


Resist the urge to put yourself in a box.

Your hopes, your dreams, your thoughts, your fears, and all that you are and all that you hope to be cannot fit into a box.

It’s easy to succumb to this modern-day trickery — there are boxes all around us. There are boxes on job applications, on doctors forms, on school applications, on voting forms. There are boxes on our Facebook pages. There are boxes on our phones.

One billion people use Instagram every month — that’s quite a few boxes of pretty pictures, curated lives, and quotable messages.

But even if you use Instagram, you cannot be kept within the walls of a box.

You are not your follower count or your feed aesthetic.

You are more than that.

You are more than your job, your physique, your health, your family lineage, your schooling, and your political party.

You are more than the relationships you have and cultivate and treasure.

You are all of these things and then some.

And you are more than that, too.

The world will try its best to put you in a box. It will tell you to curate your feed. It will tell you what and when to post. It will urge you to filter your thoughts, your love, your hopes, and your dreams.

It will try and tell you what to do and when to do it.

It will try to filter the person that you are to fit within the context of the box it has placed upon you.

Resist the urge to put yourself in that box.

Resist the urge to squish yourself to fit into a mold of someone else’s making.

Understand these words — there is no mold for you.

You get to put your own stamp on this world.

You get to use each day as if it were new, as if it were a gift as if it holds the possibility that it hasn’t held before — for you are that possibility.

Break yourself out of the box.