#SAF Presents: Dating Advice For The Struggling 20-Something – Send In Your Questions!


SAF – Single As Fuck. Very single. The most single person at the party. The single person who grimaces when they get an invite that requires a plus one. The single person who goes on a date all cute and hopeful thinking maybe, just maybe, this person could be really cool, to then realize they’re a total psycho/weirdo or you’re just not feeling it. The single person whose very married and/or attached friends probably secretly look down upon from their throne of smug comfort. Just kidding, we know they love us.

But you get it, right? Maybe you’re there. Maybe you’re the single person – going on date after date, swiping right or left into the sad oblivion known as internet dating. You refuse to be a couch girlfriend and you’re so sick of being in that elusive phase of “hanging out” with someone. You want consistency. You want reliability. You want real communication. You want all those fun, special moments that give you that little tug in your heart and stomach when you really, really like someone. This shit is hard to find.

We know what being SAF feels like – we being KovieEmma, and I. We’re three single girls in various parts of the world trying to navigate this thing called dating. Sometimes dating can be great. Other times something happens and we’re like, wait…what? It helps when you have friends you can vent to and get advice from. The three of us regularly chat about our dates, past relationships, and all the ups and downs that come from our experiences. We figured why not extend that conversation to you, our lovely readers?

We are not licensed therapists, nor do we pretend to be…but we know a thing or two about a thing or three. Send in your questions to koty@thoughtcatalog.com, share your experiences, let us hear what’s going on in your dating life. If you want it to be anonymous, just let me know in the email. We’ll each respond with our own answer to your questions every Friday.