Sam Smith Is Now Dating This ’13 Reasons Why’ Star And I Am SHOOK


The last time we heard from Sam Smith, he released break-up banger “Too Good For Goodbyes” (which was just a little too relatable) and told radio host Zane Lowe that he was very, very single.

But that was September, and now there’s a new Sam Smith in town. At least, there’s a slightly less lonely one. Because Smith is now seeing your favorite ’13 Reasons Why’ star, and if you’re like us, you’re SHOOK.

Smith was spotted having lunch with Brandon Flynn, aka the hot, tormented jock Justin from the Netflix original show. And, okay, they’re pretty freaking cute.

Like we are seriously here for them.

But okay, a part of me is a little sad… because as happy as I am for Sam and Brandon, I was really in love with the fact that Brandon was supposedly dating ’13 Reasons’ co-star Miles Heizer, aka the troubled loner Alex from the show.

Still, good to see the couple so happy. Hopefully this means Sam Smith’s next album will be full of more bangers that are less about break ups and more about hook ups.