San Francisco Riots After Their Baseball Team Wins World Series


In what Mashable described as “utter mayhem,” the citizens of San Francisco rioted last night after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Cars and busses were lit on fire, cops were attacked, store windows were broken. People were found unconscious in the street. The video above was taken at 22nd and Mission, one of the hardest hit areas of the city.

Six shots were reported fired at one location, and at another, a police vehicle full of assault rifles was broken into. At least one police officer was “down.”

Some participants and onlookers used hashtags #SFRiot and #SFRiots to update Twitter on their exploits, while others checked in to the riots on Foursquare.

Last night’s violence was precluded by a brawl inside a McDonalds prompted by the outcome of Game 1 of the series.

Another up-close-and-personal video of last night is here, where sports fans can be seen defending an extremely small fire from a fireman attempting to spray water on it.

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