Scary, Buzzfeed Readers Need TV Show Pictures to ‘Understand’


On September 10th, Buzzfeed posted an article entitled “Obama Asks The Hill To Bomb Syria, As Explained By “The Hills.” Hahahaha, oh my, *wipes tear*. That’s quite a title there. Buzzfeed, you’ve done it again! Did you see what they did with ‘Hill’ and ‘Hills’?!

As of this second it’s received over half a million views. Fine, that’s fine, while I think it’s cheesy and very possibly disrespectful to talk about to combine these kinds of topics in this way, some don’t. Okay, it’s also wrong and misleading in most ways but fine.

But the comments, oh God, the comments, they’re more ‘LOL OMG’ than I thought possible:

So much wrong, so much. The guys below? They’re just party poopers, squares who “read” and such.

Thanks, Cap, you said it way better than I could have. Read a book, kids.