Screw Boys Who Are Unable To See Your Worth


Screw boys who send mixed signals that you have to stay up late trying to decipher with your friends.

There are boys who will be straightforward with you about the way they feel, who will sit you down and have an honest conversation with you instead of making you guess what is on their mind.

Screw boys who would rather string you along for months, calling you an almost, than tell you where they stand with you.

There are boys who will be excited to meet your parents, spend the night cuddling with you, and place an official label onto your relationship.

Screw boys who expect you to bend over backwards for them, even though they are treating you like a second choice.

There are boys who will go above and beyond your expectations, who will put in as much effort as you do to keep the relationship strong.

Screw boys who invite you back to their bedroom one day and then ignore your texts completely the following day.

There are boys who will text you as soon as you get home, just to make sure you got there safely (and because they secretly miss you already and wish you never left their place).

Screw boys who keep telling you how much they miss you, but never make plans to actually see you face-to-face.

There are boys who will follow through on the plans they made with you, because they have been looking forward to seeing you all week and wouldn’t dream of canceling.

Screw boys who throw on the same t-shirt every time they see you, because they couldn’t care less about how they look.

There are boys who will shower and shave and dab on cologne, who will put extra effort into their appearance on the days when they have dates with you, because they want to impress you as much as you want to impress them.

Screw boys who you catch staring at other girls when they walk past wearing tight yoga pants.

There are boys who will only have eyes for you, who will refer to you as the most beautiful woman they have ever met and will mean every word of it.

Screw boys who barely pay attention when you speak, because they only like you for your body.

There are boys who will remember the smallest things about you, things you don’t even remember telling them, because they genuinly care about what you have to say.


Screw boys who only remember you exist when they are wasted and feeling lonely.

There are boys who will send you good morning texts every single day, no matter how busy they are, because letting a day go by without talking to you would feel like a mistake.

Screw boys who don’t think one girl is enough for them because they would rather continue to play the field than settle down with someone who would treat them right.

There are boys who will jump at the chance to commit to you, because they realize how damn perfect you are.