Self-Love Isn’t Selfish, 12 Little Ways To Make It A Priority


Age is just a number they say, but it’s a number that matters. In the numbered years I’ve lived I‘ve come to a conclusion that whatever doesn’t serve your growth is a waste, and life is too short to waste it. Turning 22 gave me that push to decide to set myself as a priority, to work and invest in myself like I used to do in other things, other people, to finally worship my own existence enough to be on the top of my list.

I’ve come to terms that Self-love is key, once you love and accept yourself, right people, things, opportunities will come your way and will finally feel right, not just convenient. That innate feeling that you deserve better, the best; because you’re good enough is the source of happiness.

So love yourself, with all your scars, failures, disappointments, heartbreak, imperfections. Own them, embrace them, they are what made you into the person you are today.

2. Remove toxic people from your life:
it follows with self-love, you realize you deserve better, you should no longer put up with the negativity pulling you down. You tighten your circle and it includes only those who are just easy on the heart and mind.

3. Work on your health and body:
Do it primarily and only for you. Workout, eat healthy food, build your physical strength, it’s empowering.

4. Meet new people:
connect with people with different mindsets, see life from different perspectives. Connect with people from various backgrounds and expertise, build your network.

5. Travel: travel solo, with friends, cross continents, absorb different cultures, this will be the update to your personality, and in a positive way.

6. Make time for what you love:
If you have a hobby, then practice it, work on your talents, progress. If you have many then try all if possible, figure out where you fit best.

7. Set goals: set short and long term goals; make a plan where you want life to take you. You don’t always have to know where you’re going; it’s enough to define where you won’t take a step.

8. Find your identity:
it takes time, and by time I mean it may take years to figure out who you really are, your true unique self, and your definite destination.

9. Never compromise: your values, your identity. Never lose yourself on the path to get something you want.

10. Hold the ones who value you close:
let them know they matter, nourish your relationships with care and love, they are what help you thrive

11. Don’t get into relationships that lead nowhere:
choose wisely, choose lasting companions; respect before love, care before wit and supportive actions above words.

12. Be an example:
of self-love, conscious awareness of self-worth, unique identity, and self-prioritizing

Remember that self-love is never selfish, loving others and giving should never be at your own expense. Balance is key, so never shift it away from your own. You’re valued the way you value yourself.