Semblance Of A Past Lover


The sun was bidding farewell,
behind the trees on the sidelines
and I was feasting my eyes on the horizon
when I saw a familiar silhouette
pass outside this old coffee shop
It sure looked like you, babe
if you had a new haircut
and expensive clothes on
I could swear I saw
your lips turned down in a frown
Like you carried the burdens
of the endless days in a passing hour
I thought about following you
but thought better,
you might try to convince me again
that we were mismatched and in vain
I would’ve tried to change your mind
I can catch up to all your romantic schemes
but neither do I have the heart or the soul
of a lover, that has the gall to sacrifice
their self-respect in the name of equality

I am sure you have destroyed the hearts
of so many ambitious lovers, that now looked
at the horizon, watching your silhouette in strangers,
I am one of those miserable souls, here I am
sitting in a dimly lit shop, reminiscing about your kisses
while you are somewhere in the world, skipping from
country to country, looking for some meaning
in the arms of new set of hands and eyes,
I can feel your emptiness in my dreams
when I close my eyes
filled with silent screams
I am haunted by all those plans I remember but
can’t act upon, because they require your laughter
and I cannot stand being contradicted by my mother
anymore, that she was right as always
and I never had a good eye for men.

I exit the shop, and step out of my thoughts of you
and I follow this familiar back of a stranger,
As if you heard my heartbeats, turned and stared
and I looked ahead and walked as I didn’t recognize
the face that had me jumping into arms of men
just to feel some semblance
of a love that never could promise me anything but farewell