Send This To The Friend Who Needs To Remember She’s Too Good For His Bullshit


Hey dude,

I know you liked him so, so much. I know that you guys had a real connection, that you had fun with him, that your chemistry was absolutely undeniable. I know you saw this almost relationship becoming a real relationship. I know it’s so disappointing and heartbreaking that things aren’t going to work out with him.

But that’s okay because you’re way too good for his bullshit. 

You dodged a bullet, girl! Because even though things were good in the beginning, amazing even, he started messing with your mind and playing with your heart. And that’s not someone you want to waste your precious time with.

You deserve more than someone who blows you off last minute. You deserve more than extremely delayed replies or no replies at all. You deserve more than half-assed love.

You deserve more than him because frankly he doesn’t deserve you at all.

Because I know who you are. You are kind, considerate, and loving. You are affectionate and loyal. You work your ass off and are smart as hell. You’re interesting and thoughtful. You take care of your own. You’re sincere and honest.

And it’s not that all of these things you are were not enough for him. No, it’s because these things were almost too much because he’s not mature enough to handle a force of nature like you.

He doesn’t know how to be with a strong woman like yourself. He’s not ready for commitment, and that’s a damn shame for him because he’s missing out on someone wonderful.

To be honest, I feel sorry for him.

And I know through all of this you still might be thinking that you did something wrong that pushed him away, that made him start messing around. But the truth is, you did not. What he is doing says everything about him and nothing about you.

So you need to let him go because he’s not changing his mind. 

You can’t convince him to love you, no matter how amazing you are. No matter how much you have to offer. No matter how much you want it to work. It’s not going to happen and I’m sorry about that.

But it’s a blessing in disguise because spending any more time with someone who isn’t a good fit for you would prevent you from finding the man who will treat you right. Who knows what he has. Who won’t let you go.

You will get through this. And we’re all here to take care of you while you start to let him go and move forward. Take your time with healing because there’s not a timeline for that. Don’t feel like you “should” be over him at one point or another. It’ll happen when it happens. Trust the process.

So let’s forget about him and have a girl’s night. The first round’s on me.