She Holds The Secret


She creates life
she holds the secret to her being
in the hidden palms of her soul
she can admire the beauty
within her self
and admires the beauty of others

The fires that burn so bright
in the distant stars have seen her
move through the world
through the galaxies
allowing her to move freely
on the wisdom that she deeply
needs to help guide her in this world

She holds a heart that can speak truth
and see the truth of others
it is often her truth,
that is not believed
it is often feared to be seen
the eyes of others run from
human sadness and try to take her heart

They try to shape her story so it fits
in an ad, in a column
in a hashtag
but yet she is not believed

She is a voice that speaks
from the earth’s deep core
that whispers…
you are not alone
and your wisdom runs deep
in the waters below

She feels deeply and knows deeply
and can pull the present to her
bosom and hold it with a breath
she is connected so deeply to a place
that is wild, that is wise, that is full

She connects to the centre of the heart
with care
she connects to the centre of her body
with freedom
she connects to the centre of her mind
with knowing
this connection brings her back

She is care, she is truth
she is the hope that beauty lies in the belief that
we are connected in such a sweet and simple way
she feels you, she understands you
she gets that fear that pulls you to your
destiny, to your freedom

She believes you, even when you don’t believe
in yourself
she is more than hope
she is more than courage
she is in you
and can create life
and holds the secret
to recreate hers