She Is Too Mature To Put Up With Your Bullshit


She doesn’t have time for broken promises and late night apologies that aren’t even authentic.

She doesn’t have time for boys that take advantage of her heart, her energy, and her effort.

She would rather be alone than be stuck with someone that thinks they can get away with treating her like a second choice.

She’s a motherfucking priority. She’s the person that you should be eager to text back, not the person that you should leave hanging for hours until you remember that you didn’t reply to her.

She’s the person that you should ask out on a date a week in advance, not the person that you should drunkely call when all of your other friends bail on you.

It’s time to get this straight: She isn’t an almost. She isn’t a maybe.

She’s the girl that you would be lucky to have. So if she messages you, be a gentleman and answer her back. If she asks you when you’re free, work with her to find a time to hang out.

Don’t keep telling her how badly you miss her, how you wish you weren’t so busy. Find time for her. And she’ll find time for you.

But if you treat her like a backup plan, or like she’s just another girl on the long list of people that want to sleep with you, she’s going to book it.

She isn’t going to stand there while you decide whether you want her or that woman at the bar or that woman you work with.

You either want her or you want to keep your options open. It can’t be both.

You see, she’s not going to wait for you to get your shit together. She’s not going to beg you to be her boyfriend. She’s not going to fight for someone that doesn’t even want her.

You know why? Because she doesn’t want to fix someone. She doesn’t want to change someone. She wants someone that’s already mature, respectful, willing to commit to her and only her.

It isn’t her job to make you whole. She’s not taking on that responsibility, because she doesn’t want a project. She wants a forever person.

Honestly, she is too old to put up with your bullshit. Her high school days are behind her. She needs more than a pretty face. She needs someone that has a heart to match. Someone that won’t disappoint her every damn day.

She’s been with toxic boys in the past and she’s sick of it. She doesn’t have the patience for hard to get and half-truths.

She’s ready for something serious. Something with strings attached.

If you don’t want that, then you don’t want her.