She May Have Been Out Of My League, But I Always Knew We Were Destined To Be Together


I never suspected anything off about Kaitlyn at first. She was that make-you-forget-your-name kind of beautiful. The shine of her curly, honey blonde hair was the first thing that caught my attention. It flattered her golden skin and framed her soft, features ever so ethereally. Her tiny waist and luscious hips stole my breath every time they rocked side to side. If my life was a blank sky, she was a sunrise. She was the only highlight of my freshman sociology class, a flawless vision. But sometimes, external beauty is just a mask disguising a hidden, internal lust for creating chaos. Chaos in other’s minds and souls.

Destiny was on my side: we ended up in the same tutorial section for the class and were assigned to the same term group. We promptly introduced ourselves.

“Hey, I’m Kaitlyn.”

“Evan. Nice to meet you.”