She Was The Devil’s Princess (And His Perfect Submissive)


Zepar stroked the tips of his fingers slowly, erotically down the pale skin covering the woman’s spine to its base. The cuff of his white shirt protruding his black suit jacket brushed enticingly against her flesh as he did so. As the first son of Satan, Zepar was a handsome devil in every sense of the word with his coal black eyes, smooth young masculine complexion and jet black hair. And as his Commander of his father’s legions, he was entitled to certain perks one of which was to fill his castle home with as many beautiful woman brought to hell to repent for sins of the flesh.

He delighted in arranging the women under his care in various positions around his home so they might all be available for his touch and caress whenever he desired to satisfy himself. Smoothing the tips over the woman’s bare bottom he glanced around the wide galleried landing at the arrangement of twenty naked beauties. His men had been a little more creative than usual that morning.

Four women were positioned bent over the the gold rail at a calculated width apart. Their delicate wrists were cuffed with chains leading from a silver loop tied around the black spindles over the bannister splaying their arms apart. Their perky breasts bounced lightly as they moved restlessly, their taut nipples thrusting towards the floor of the entrance downstairs. It was a long way down and the pose was uncomfortable. Zepar couldn’t help feeling pleased at the notion. Their time in hell was to be a punishment and a time for reflection on the sins they had committed before death yet there was a small part of Zepar that was eased by knowing the girls were secured tightly to the rail to avoid any mishaps. Although they could not die again, they could be hurt. He was confused by his inclination to care. It wasn’t the first time and it was becoming stronger. The feeling was something to keep quiet and from his father at all costs. Zepar dismissed it preferring to deny its presence rather than explore the strange sensation.

Each bared girl’s legs were spread uncomfortably wide, cuffed in their black high heels and chained to the bottom of the spindles to display the succulent wet ripe fruit hanging from their vulva’s and offer the delectable hole up for his taking should their Commander wish to take his pleasure. The rest of the beauties decked around the landing were shackled to the floor on all fours or on their backs with their legs open and lifted up against their chests revealing their anal entrance for penetration. Others like the woman he now idly caressed, circling his fingers around her bottom were secured by their arms above her head her wrists tied together and suspended from a hook in the ceiling forcing her up on to her tiptoes all naked and gagged with leather. Zepar did not permit any woman in his presence to wear clothing and hide her delights from him.

He felt his cock stir and pulse. Zepar could take whoever he wanted but there was only one woman he wanted to be inside right now. Still there was time to play before he took her. Zepar grinned and spanked the woman hard with his hand producing a surprised yelp from behind her gag. Enjoying the way her bottom wobbled he repeated the action and then let go of her, a delicious idea forming in his mind. He had eaten yet. Not a necessity but a pleasure he liked to indulge in, in any form.

He turning his attention to the length of rope cascading down from the hook tied to another in the wall next to him to keep the woman in place. He loosened it and pulled on it hard. Another moan escaped the girl’s red cherry lips as her body was forcibly raised from the floor. She struggled and looked down appearing a little frightened as to what was going to happen next. Another grin spread across Zepar’s handsome face as he fixed the rope back to the hook on the wall and watched her legs kick as she tried in vain to free herself.

His tall lean athletic frame moved towards her and caught her legs. To still her movement his hand gave one buttock a sharp hard slap. But he was forced to give her another when her restlessness continued.

“I will not hurt you, little one,” he soothed parting her thighs to soothe her with the gentle brush of his lips over the succulent flesh decorating her upper thigh. He looked upwards in to the soft petal folds of her pussy covered by the neat triangle of curls. Despite her predicament her pussy was damp and ready for entry. She was obviously a new addition. Her arrival was clearly recent because Zepar insisted on all of his females being shaven. For a moment another new strange sensation engulfed him making him raise one dark eyebrow at himself. He felt protective of the girl.

Frowning he gripped the backs of the girl’s thighs digging his fingers in to her skin as though to assuage the feeling and spread them wide. In one hurried movement he pulled her legs over either shoulder and sank his mouth roughly in to her pussy catching the bobbing jewel wobbling between her folds to nip and tease it between his teeth. The girl gasped and bucked her body involuntarily against his mouth. The feeling receded as he gripped the girl’s bottom and curled his slick long tongue up inside her entrance.

Zepar lavished his tongue up and down the length of the girl’s vulva pausing every now and again to strike her bottom harshly with his hand until he detected she was close to coming by the way she bucked helplessly against his cruel mouth devouring and nipping at her small clit. With a sharp slap he demanded,

“Come now and show me the depth of your pleasure. Learn the rule of submission quick and you will be rewarded.”

The girl instantly obeyed and screamed her release against the gag like a tormented woman thrusting her body and pussy at the devil with wanton pleasure. He continued to spank her bottom encouraging her climax to new heights. To Zepar there was nothing more intoxicating than the taste of a female and he felt truly nourished as the woman’s warm creamy wetness seeped in to his mouth.

When she slumped he continued to lap at her swollen vagina drawing as much of her nectar as he could in to his mouth until a shadow crossed his vision. It was one of his soldiers. Bestowing the captive woman’s pussy with one last kiss he lowered her legs from his shoulders and allowed them to dangle above the floor.

The soldier stood in a uniform with a short black jacket decorated in gold braid across the chest with red and gold epaulettes, and shiny black boots. He held a riding crop. The tall handsome man with short dark hair not too dissimilar to Zepar’s smiled and handed him a special cloth wipe to cleanse his face. The devil took it and dabbed his mouth before giving his soldier an order.

“This girl is new. Have her shaved but first remind her that pleasure must be taken with a healthy dose of pain here. Whip her bottom. I want to see it crimson and then put her to service satisfying one or two of the lower ranking soldiers with her mouth.”

The feeling returned prompting him to add,

“But make sure you supervise the process and ensure the men do not take advantage of my generosity.”

It was almost a compulsion.

“Yes Sir.”

Zepar straightened his silver tie and narrowed his black eyes annoyed at his speech thankful that by the looks of it the soldier had not given his curious request a second thought. If he kept on at this rate he was at risk of his exposing his secret of having feelings of care, something his father would not tolerate. He glanced back hearing the first thwack of the crop strike the girl’s buttocks. Damon was a artful wielder of the whip. He swung his hand with a practiced stroke to catch each buttock in turn making the girl twist on her bindings and buck hard in to the air as each lash came and went.

Zepar passed by the girls all looking up at him waiting, expecting but he ignored them all. He centred his eyes on the door at the end of the left side of the gallery landing. He only wanted the beautiful woman behind it. A couple of doors along the forever ending stream of rooms were open. Two of his new arrivals were receiving submission instruction. Always an intense delectable pleasure to view. He stood in the doorway with his arms folded and peered inside.

One woman was pushed front ways against the wall. The naked training soldier with his hard cock taut and ready to pound her from his legion was pulling her long mane of blonde curls forcing her head backwards as he struck her bare bottom with the end of the belt form his uniform. She yelped and howled like a baby yet Zepar could see the naughty girl’s eyes glaze. Her bottom blushed a hot pink. Suddenly the soldier threw his belt to the floor and fingered her pussy. With a satisfied grunt he used his digits to open it wide and guide his long thick cock towards her vagina, nestling the tip just inside her entrance. With one sharp thrust he embedded himself inside her to the hilt tugging her head back to make her body bow back against him. He wasted no time in making his thrust hard and fast.

“You will learn to submit to all the men here and our leader if we have to thrash you in to submission,” the man told her gruffly pulling harder on her hair.

“Yes sir. Yes,” the woman answered her voice satiated with lust.

Zepar smiled and walked on. In the second room another sinful woman’s legs were opened and forced back against her breasts and wide. They were held tightly in place by two strong male hands. Her vagina was open wide, the cock pounding inside it was long and wide drawing out of her until nothing of it was left inside and then pumping deep in to the pussy until it was swallowed whole. Zepar grinned. The position his soldier had the woman in was precarious. She was balanced on the end of a chaise long. The man’s muscled athletic legs held his frame in a crouched position so he could ram hard in to her. Very impressive. He watched the man’s buttocks clench and unclench with his movement building the tempo until he stabbed in and out of her going as deep as he could. He managed the feat with ease. The woman groaned and panted as though she were in heat.

Believing himself suitably fired up and hungry for the princess he kept captive at the end of the hall, he left the room and walked towards her door. Without hesitation he strode in to the room. His cock twitched and leapt the moment he saw her. Kneeling she had placed the top half of her naked body on to the dark wood floor pressing her plump breasts in to its surface. Her head was suitably bowed, her face resting against the floor. Her arms were outstretched to the side in a subservient position, ready to receive his audience.

“Master,” he heard her softly breathe.

The beast in him wanted to pull her up, yank down his zip bend her over and take her hard there and then. Her submission was a potent aphrodisiac that threatened to undo his control. Sometimes he wondered if she really mastered him with her sweet nature. She made him feral and ache to devour her soul. After all she had been created for him by his father, forged from the fiery union of a stolen human chaste princess led in to sin and a warrior demon. Her reason for being was simply and purely to worship and serve Zepar’s every sexual and personal need.

Arrogantly he walked towards her ignoring her greeting and stood directly in front of her face waiting for her to act. Slowly the gentle woman raised her head and reached to kiss the smooth fine leather of his shoes.

“I have missed you, Master.”

He smiled losing the tenseness in his features.

“If that is so, show me how much,” he whispered down at her stroking her cheek. But his soft coaxing nature was not to last. His little Princess was to stir the beast within him and give it new life. Exactly why his father had created her for him in the hopes of producing the perfect offspring to spread his heritage in to the demon dimensions and the world itself.

Zepar’s hand wove through her silky blonde hair delighting in its long curled texture before cruelly twisting it inside his fist. She gasped feeling the taut pull as he used his grip to raise her head from the floor and encourage her body to move up to kneeling directly in front of him. She did so without a word of complaint making her body limp and obedient to his direction. Her eyes remained lowered to the floor with respect and her hands and arms still by her side.

The Devil’s son’s eyes washed appreciatively over her plump ripe pale peach breasts, the nipples already pert and erect. He wanted them flushed with pink. A whipping should do it nicely but first she had other duties to perform. Her mouth was just inches from his cock. He wanted it out and her succulent bright red lips around its rim. His other hand shot out and wound carefully but forcefully around her throat. Her head shot upwards when he pulled on her hair at the same time. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the glaze of arousal covering her eyes and a dark excitement twitch deep inside her pupils. It spurred him on to intensify his hold around her throat just a touch more.

Zepar pulled her up and pushed her back against the cool green marble pillar and pinned her there. He leant in and roughly yanked her head back against it before taking her mouth hard, pressing his body against hers until she could feel his rigid cock clothed in his trousers rub against her stomach. Without warning he moved backwards and maintaining his hold on her hair and throat he forced her down on her knees making sure her face was directly in front of his penis.

“Take it out, Kristina,” he snapped the instruction unable to wait for her blessed touch any longer.

He didn’t often use her name. She was simply “she” but this morning he wanted to hear it ring out and caress the air like a musical note.

Every muscle inside his body tensed as he attempted to hold his composure when her slender delicate hands brushed his suit trousers to settle on his thighs and briefly hold on. For a moment he could feel her need for him not only as her Master but something else. He did not wish to explore it and shut the notion her should was craving more than dominance for him.

Kristina caressed her hands upwards and swept them over his covered length to reach the zip. Zepar did not allow her to watch the progress of her hands as he kept her head tilted backwards against the pillar. The demon wanted to stare down in to her eyes and hold them captive. Gently she pulled the zip down and moved her them inside. He wore no underwear. A gasp rose inside his throat when the pads of Kristina’s fingers smoothed over the surface of his cock and began to pull it out. The moment it was free he pulled the Princess down to her knees and holding her hair guided her pretty little mouth down on to his penis.

Her mouth was silky wet and invitingly warm. Electricity danced inside him on contact with her lips. Urgent need fired him once more and before he could think he was thrusting inside the orifice like a possessed man using his grip on her hair to encourage her to suck hard and keep her submissively in place. Her small hands closed around his length and moved back and forth every now and again cupping and stroking his balls still buried in his trousers.

It wasn’t long before he felt his seed bulge and push to release. He was going to make damn sure his little princess took the healthy nourishment he offered and drank every last drop. Still holding her head back with one hand he reached down to hold his cock. Immediately Kristina’s hands left his length to return obediently to her sides. Zepar increased the pump of his cock inside her mouth noticing the red lipstick coating the rim of his cock in a perfect circlet. Her body was jumping and moving with each hard unforgiving thrust and his own buttock muscles clenched tight as he completed each movement. There was no discomfort or pain on Kristina’s face only blissful enjoyment. She outweighed his expectations in a bride. The very idea compelled his seed to move forward to the tip and expel in to her mouth. With his hand he squeezed every last drop in to her satin mouth to slide down her throat. She gave a loud moan of satisfaction. It mingled with his own groans of an intense climax until he was spent.

Arrogantly he let go of her hair with such force she fell backwards against the pillar. Zepar reinserted his penis and pulled up the zip. He took a step back watching her wipe her mouth and kneel up straight again. Once more her eyes lowered to the floor and her hands rested on her thighs.

It was the tantalising shaven v shape between her legs that was next to get the Devil’s attention. He wanted to take his pleasure inside her body but she needed a little warming up first and he wanted to remind her just who she belonged to.

He walked towards a round green marble table with gilt around it. Everything had been laid out as he requested. At the door leading to another of the rooms he granted his Princess in her tower, one of the soldiers he employed to care for her, tend to her every need and school her with a disciplining hand when he could not be there to do it himself appeared and awaited instruction on cue.

Zepar held up the leather collar studded with diamonds and smiled watching it sparkle in the low light. Despite the early hour of the morning Kristina’s rooms were dark being in the West Tower of the castle. Only one of her rooms had a window and a make shift balcony where he allowed her to see a garden. She had expressed the wish to see flowers and lush green lawns and trees which he had granted. If he was honest it was because he hoped to impress her but that was impossible. He had no need to.

Zepar often liked to school his princess outside over his knee with an old fashioned spanking or make her come with his devilish caress on her displayed pussy as she sat with her legs spread on his knees. Sometimes he would grant an audience of his soldiers to watch and encouraging her on to an orgasm while his free hand slapped at her bare breasts until they glowed pink to enhance the duel of pleasure and pain warring inside her soul.

Attached to the collar was a chain and a leather handle at the bottom of it, the kind you would find on a leash for an animal. The devil held it out to the soldier standing in the doorway.

“Collar the princess,” he ordered.

The soldier moved forward and took the collar and chain from his commander to hold it in his hands. With precision movement he walked towards Christina and on his knees fixed the collar around her neck. He made sure the chain hung perfectly between her breasts and the handle of the leash lay on top of her pussy. Then he stood waiting for more orders.

Zepar moved forward.

“Raise the Princess to her feet, turn her and place her hands on the pillar. Make sure her bottom is thrust out in a prominent position to receive correction.”

“But what have I done to warrant a punishment, Master?” she asked him in a nervous voice actually daring to speak without asking permission as she was raised from the floor and arranged against the pillar. “Have I not pleased you, Sir?”

A thrill surged through the Devil’s first son at the fragility in her voice. She was completely in his power and at his mercy. It satisfied his dominant need to control her. He picked up the riding crop from the table and flexed it between his hands.

“Yes you have, little one. But it pleases me to punish you with a whipping. Is it not my right to do as I wish with you for my own pleasure?” he teased.

“Yes, Master. But I beg you. It stings and . . .”

“Hush, little one or I will lengthen your punishment,” he informed her striking the air with the crop for a practiced stroke.

He loved her to beg him. She was always nervous before a chastisement, biting her bottom lip as she was now doing and delighting him with the show of a gentle quiver in her body as he approached. Yet she would be so wet once her schooling had ended he was in no doubt she welcomed and enjoyed being taken to task. The path to pleasure was often a tortured one. Zepar struck the air once more and grinned when he saw the tops of her thighs and legs begin to tremble.

The soldier gently cupped Kristina’s bottom lifting and testing the weight of each globe as though the action was natural and one he enjoyed every day, arranging it to his commanding officer’s satisfaction. He made sure the princess was stable on her high heel shoes and her breasts were forwards with the tips brushing against the smooth marble pillar. With a light pat of her bottom the soldier remarked,

“Make sure you give your Master the pleasure he deserves. Remember you are here to serve him not only as his princess and future bride but also as his whore just as I have taught you,” the young fair headed man in full uniform instructed. She nodded in response. “Mind you do or you will be caged for sleep tonight.”

Zepar hardened thinking of his beautiful delicate princess being caged like an animal. The last time he had seen her confined in such a manner was when she had misbehaved and he had been asked to inspect her naked form inside it to increase her humiliation. He had been hungry for her as her enticing naked form lay curled unable to sit up straight on top of the cold metal bars lining the floor of the cage. Her prison was placed in a large warehouse room with other ones imprisoning a multitude of women awaiting transportation to another hell dimension to entertain his troops stationed there.

He had been unable to resist reaching his hand between the bars as it rested in between a cage containing a woman below on the ground and another on top to feed his thumb in to her mouth. Like a child she had suckled on it as he’d moved it in and out to soothe her like a baby while his fingers slipped inside her pussy to make it wet with a persistent caress until she panted and almost sobbed with need against his thumb. He’d thrust two strong fingers up inside her to the hilt all of a sudden, knowing she had no way to avoid them should she have wished to and pulsed them in and out of her wet velvet channel. Despite her predicament she had become aroused making the woman beneath her and above pant and rub at their vagina’s aroused by the sight. Kristina’s hands clung to the bars, her body unable to stretch and accommodate her need to thrash around with pleasure. Whimpering she had thrust her pelvis up against his fingers crying out in the small space like a cornered animal.

The soldier in attending, Trevan held up her leash and offered it to Zepar.

“Prepare the lubricant. I will be needing it soon,” he commanded the man taking hold of the leash.

He slipped his hand through it until it reached his wrist and jerked his arm back forcing Kristina’s head to follow suit. She gasped out loud. Her long blonde curls cascaded down her naked back reaching just to the base of her spine. He suddenly wanted to bury his face in them and inhale the scent of jasmine they always held from the oils the men used to bathe her in. It was accompanied by a need to be tender, to soothe his fingertips down her spine, open her buttocks and kiss the dark puckered hole to show not only his dominance of her but his love.

Zepar’s eyes widened with shock. Another feeling he was used to enduring. Angry at himself he fought to regain his control. Love was a sick concept and had no place in his world. He pulled harder on Kristina’s leash until her head was settled in to an uncomfortable position and raised the crop. He made sure the end of the crop struck hard leaving its mark. The princess cried out but the second was already raining down against her opposite buttock making her pussy thrust against the pillar as though an invisible penis protruded it and she was mounted upon it. The third came hard and fast then the next and the next. Zepar lost his disturbing thoughts in the momentum of her whipping but they would only disappear for a while before rising again to torment him.