She Wasn’t Made Just To Be Loved By You


People like her were not meant to be loved.

She was meant to be admired, marveled upon from a distance. She was meant to be a mystery to you, and she always will be that – an enigma, a question mark – just how she likes it.

She is the experience you want to tick off your bucket-list, but never can. And she would never let you even if you could, because she knows she’s not an object to be owned or a good time to be had. She is more than that.

She is an abstract idea you cannot comprehend, a concept far above your humble imagination. Unfathomable, infinite – a secret out of grasp. She is that which you dread to find in yourself, that which would uproot you from the core.

You could never handle the raw truth of someone like her. And, besides, she lives for more than just romance.

She was born to change the world, to touch lives, to move others to inspire and to create – whatever the gesture, however little the way. She exists to be the sunlight shining over the darkest places. She was made to share bits of her complex self in order to help make other parts of the universe self-aware of its own limitless existence.

She was meant to challenge you, to question you, to make you uncomfortable. She was meant to make people feel; to realize, to think – my god, to double-back and actually think! She was meant to intimidate society, to push boundaries, to be free – to be so free from everything that she became feared. Pushed out. Ignored.

She was meant to be fresh air; to ignite, to radiate, to expand, to be more, more, so much more.

People like her were not made to be loved.

She is meant for greater things.