She’s No Longer Here, But She Was, Is, And Always Will Be My Mom


I was twelve. Twelve years old when my mom lost her eight month battle with cancer. I never imagined I’d be without my mom and during her final days I tried so hard to imagine what life without her would be like.

I never imagined it would be like this. I miss her every single day.

I still think of her several times a day, it’s almost as if there is nothing that won’t remind me of her. In the months following her death I feared I’d forget her. I feared I’d forget the way she smelled, the sound of her voice, the comfort of her hugs and kisses, the silly little comments she’d make and the wonderful sound of her laugh, even if it was just the little chuckle she’d let out when something wasn’t really that funny.

What I’ve learned is, I will never forget her.

Seven long years have gone by and it’s still like it was just yesterday.. I can still picture walking into the house I grew up in, and seeing her sitting there in her chair. I can still hear the sound of her telling me she loves me. I can still feel the warmth and comfort of her hugs.

She is still with me, every step of the way. And there is no way I could ever forget her.

The reality of it is, she was my mom. She is my mom. She will always be MY mom. She lives on in my heart and soul. The memories of her will forever be fresh in my mind. She made me the woman I am today and she will always be a part of me.