She’s Not A Little Girl Anymore, And She’ll Never Be A Victim Again


There was once a little girl with eyes wide; gleaming with the curiosity of the world. She was as pure as a rose, radiating the innocence of a child. Till you stole what belonged to her as if she had sold you the rights. You disrupted her temple, what was once a sacred home- now tainted by your hands. You silenced her as if her voice was yours to control; like a music box shut closed. She sits in showers as she wails for someone to save her. She scrubs at her skin as if her body can never be clean again. Her skin is raw and burning; just like the way you left her laying on that floor. You remember don’t you? How she cried and screamed till her throat was raw and how her voice disappeared with her innocence. She doesn’t know of the good dreams that children have, only the disturbing night terrors that you planted in her mind. She wakes up at random hours of the night, sweat like a second skin and her stomach turning. She thought she would forget only to relive it every night. A little girl grew up too fast and learnt not to trust the world. But the truth is: she’s not a little girl anymore but she still feels like she has a target on her back. It’s because of you that she will never trust again. But thanks to your revolting ways she learnt to heal herself and not be naive. She learnt that the world isn’t always a happy place and understood mans cruel ways. She became a warrior; a fighter- ready to stand her ground. She may have kept quiet about your perverted actions but she never forgot and now because of you she refuses to be a victim again.