Sick Mom Who Brutally Kicked Infant Daughter As ‘Discipline’ For ‘Crying Too Much’ Gets Off With Warning


There is absolutely nothing more heartbreaking than parents who abuse their children, especially when that abuse comes at such a young age.

So to no surprise, the internet is aghast at horrifying footage that shows a 27-year-old mother “disciplining” her infant by kicking the child repeatedly, and throwing the baby onto the concrete.

The attack happened on February 24th, in the Guangdog province of south eastern China.

The woman told police that she needed to discipline her infant because she “wouldn’t stop crying.”

Throughout the footage she yells at the infant, “Still crying?” as she persists in her abusive “punishment”.

The video was uploaded to the Chinese social media site weibo where it was viewed over 8 million times. The Beijiao Police were notified of the video and launched an investigation into the matter.

The mother conceded to authorities that she went too far and attributed her abusive behavior to stress.

She added that she was sorry and that she was finding it difficult to control her emotions. (Source)

The very disturbing video is below, viewer discretion is highly advised:

The police have let the woman off with a verbal warning, and a promise to not repeat her behavior.

The child is now in the care of her grandparents.