SICK: Truck Full Of Cats Either Crushed To Death Or Buried Alive In Vietnam


In Vietnam, cat meat is considered a delicacy and is colloquially referred to as “little tiger.”

However, it is also illegal to serve and eat cat meat in Vietnam, so authorities there recently seized a “truck carrying three tons of live cats crammed into bamboo crates.

A lurid report in the Daily Mail claims that a dumper truck was used to crush them to death under its wheels as they huddled in their crates:

Thousands of cats rescued from the dinner table in Vietnam have been crushed to death beneath the wheels of a dumper truck in a grisly mass execution that has horrified animal lovers.

They were allegedly then buried, even though “many [were] believed to have been alive at the time.” The number of cats buried alive is possibly in the thousands.

A Vietnamese veterinarian denies the accounts of the cats being crushed to death and insists they were all disposed of through burial. However, he allows that about a third of them were alive at the time of their burial. Since the truck was said to be carrying three tons of cats, that would be about one full ton of cats that were buried alive.

We may never know how these kitties were killed. A spokesperson for the Asian Canine Protection Alliance—which apparently also seeks to protect felines—said, “Our request for any visual evidence of their fate has been denied.”