Signs You’re From Wilmington, Delaware


You Probably Have A Friend That’s In A Band

It’s practically impossible to be a native Willy-towner without knowing someone who is in a rock band. Music is in our blood here, and without it, we’d just be another dot on the map, like Trenton or Annapolis.

You’ve Got A Lot Of Inside Jokes With Friends

Something that’s super unique to Wilmo’s is our distinctive “inside joke” system. You’ll be sitting around at dinner, someone will mention a popular song or movie, and you’ll shoot a look over to your best friend. “Totally a Lindsay move,” you’ll say to each other in unison and you’ll be on the floor rolling with everyone shaking their heads in disbelief. Sorry transplants – you gotta be from Wilmington to have inside jokes.

You Practically Grew Up On Nickelodeon

All That. Rugrats. Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Yup – if these names ring a bell you are DEFINITELY a Wilmer Valderama. Nickelodeon was an integral part of growing up in Wilmington and if you don’t have the GUTS to hang, well let Clarissa Explain it All, and Doug off back to wherever you came from! (Not Wilmington.)

You Literally Cannot Live Without Panera

Two words: bread bowls. You can’t get enough. Anyone doing it ‘Big Wilmy Style’ knows about this secret little Wilmington hotspot. You probably had your birthday party there as a kid and still routinely hit it up on you way to the mall. For you, a panini isn’t just a man’s dick. It’s also a type of sandwich that you can eat.

Getting Your License At 16 Was Freaking Awesome

There’s something that only Wilmington teenagers know about, and that’s what it’s like to not be able to drive until you’re sixteen. That first day behind the wheel, picking your friends up, and hitting up all the Wilmington hot spots like Best Buy, the Mall, and H&R Block – nothing gets more Wilmington than that!

You Use Facebook

Every town has their own little hangout spots, but Wilmington is the only place with it’s own chill-station on the internet! Facebook is a great place to network with friends and check out cool messages from companies like Kohl’s or Target.

You Park in the DRIVEway, NOT on the Parkway

Haha, only in Wilmington!

You Know Your Laptop is Called a ‘Computer,’ Not a Netty-bonger

Yeah, we got our own slang here. It’s an iPod, not a musey-pad, and we read our eBooks on Kindles, not readie-touchers.

You Can’t Even Remember How Many Times You’ve Seen Aliens!

Was it twice? I think it was twice. I definitely fell asleep halfway through once. Maybe it was two and a half times. I can’t remember.

Growing Up, You Thought Your Dad Had The Biggest Dick In The World

Summertime in Wilmington meant one thing: your dad would walk around the house nude in the mornings. Yup! You’d see him completely nude every morning and as a kid, his dick seemed like the biggest dick in the world. RT if you wish you still thought your dad had a big dick.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

All WILMINGTON Dogs that is!