7 Types Of Single Girls You’ll Meet In Your Life


1. The I’m-Just-Going-To-Do-Whatever-I-Want Girl

“From now on I will just act like a guy. I’m just going to date whoever, go out, have fun, and not care about anything. I’m done, I’m done caring about anything.”…Does “whatever” comes home and cries over three bowls of Ramen Noodles and posts 17 inspirational quotes. #ifyoucanthandlemeatmyworstyoudontdeservemeatmybest

2. The OTHER I’m-Just-Going-To-Do-Whatever-I-Want Girl

Does “whatever,” owns being a Hot Mess like it’s a pageant title, comes home, Instagrams a pic of herself double-fisting Bud Lights like it’s sophomore year of college #FTW

3. The Single For Five Seconds Girl

“I’m just devastated, I thought he was the one. I’m just really heartbroken. I have no idea what I am going to do”… Has a new boyfriend 3 days later, posts 4 pictures of V-Day roses and homemade candlelight dinner. #bestboyfriendever #soblessed

4.The Let’s Remind Everyone I’m Single Everyday Girl

“I’m just going to be alone forever obviously. Might as well just pre-order an entire litter of cats. Guess what I’m doing tonight? Oh yeah, NOTHING. WOWWW another person engaged on Facebook, are you fucking kidding me?” (#yikes)

5.The Free Spirit

“Why would I want a boyfriend right now? We are in our TWENNTIEESSSS? We can do that later. I’m leaving for Tanzania soon anyway, who wants a boyfriend when you’re going away? Can you believe how many people are getting engaged? I don’t even have an adult job yet!” #skydiving #beachlife #sunsetpic

6. High Expectations Girl

“I just want someone who has a good job, and life goals, and social skills. Like someone who is sensitive but not too sensitive and loves me for me, but doesn’t love me too much that it’s suffocating and has his own friends and life but still wants to see me all the time, and is 6’4 and close with his family, someone that’s cool with me being independent but will cook me dinner and always fix my car.” #isthatsomuchtoask

7. The “I’m Dating the Gym” Girl

“Well I can’t hangout tomorrow because it’s leg day. And I’m really not drinking because I’m on a no carb, gluten free, vegan diet for the next 30 days. Plus I don’t have a ton of money because I just bought 7 new sports bras and matching neon Lulu yogas.” #gymselfie #flexfriday #mirrorpic #cleaneats #girlswholift

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