25 Hilarious Single Memes For When You’re Feeling Forever Alone


Just a bunch of single memes to make you laugh while you cry.

Modern dating may make you want to punch yourself in the throat, but at least we have memes to soften the blow! This painfully relatable single memes will make you feel 100 percent better about being forever alone.

1. This is your fault, really

2. How am I supposed to do this again

3. Just call me your love guru


4. Uh-huh, good try

5. Never again

6. The greatest love story

7. Can’t it just be both???

8. Modern dating is basically just being on The Bachelorette

9. It was a nice thought…


10. Um, is there another option???

11. You only wish you could afford this


12. Maybe there’s a reason I’m single…

13. Hey, being single isn’t all bad!!!

14. If I’m gonna be single, I’m gonna play the system

15. How is this even possible?

16. And a happy New Year!

17. This is like my superpower or something

18. Love is love is love is love

19. Asking for a friend

21. I’m not picky, I just know what I want


22. Is this the eighth circle of hell?!

23. Who needs a loving boyfriend when I can have an emotionally unstable crush???

24. Just gotta keep waiting 🙂


25. You know what? Worth it