Siri Accidentally Sent The Most Embarrassing Text To This Woman’s Crush And It’s Hilariously Cringeworthy


Technology has done this crazy thing where it makes our relationships simultaneously simpler and more complicated. Now we’re able to talk to anyone we want to at the click of a button, which is pretty great until you send the wrong thing to the wrong person. Then it’s not so great.

This woman was just talking to Siri (as we’re all wont to do) when it accidentally misunderstood her and sent a message to the last person she wanted it to.

LOL, that is actually my worst nightmare. As a person who triple-checks my messages to make sure I don’t send things to the wrong person, this personally hurts.

Of course, her next biggest mistake was putting the mishap on Twitter. If her crush didn’t see it when she tweeted it, he almost certainly did after it blew up and went viral.

Oops? What’s worse, even with the Twitter recognition, she didn’t get a text back.

Let’s just say people had a lot to say to her about the mishap.

Like, didn’t Siri at least ask her before she sent the message?

Okay, I guess I could see how this could happen. At least she has a sense of humor about it?

The last update she tweeted was the the guy finally DID message her back — but it’s still not a good sign.

Who wants to be my plus one to her funeral? You know it’s gonna be lit.