Six Reasons You Should Add “A Fight Worth Finishing” To Your Book Collection


A Fight Worth Finishing is part one of a two part series based on true events. In November of 2014, I experienced a drug overdose on four different prescription medications seven days before my twenty-sixth birthday. I’ve been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder for going on seven years, but hardly anyone even knows how much I’ve truly suffered. The seventh year has been the hardest and darkest of my life. I’m at the point in my life where I have lost everything. After a near death experience, a week in the hospital, and almost losing all faith, I went on a road to recovery to get my life back. In doing so, I found that not only am I stronger than I imagined, but I have a voice and a purpose in this world after all. This two part series is written to encourage others to never give up no matter the adversity and to always keep fighting till the finish.

Now that you’re acquainted with the subject matter let’s get into the six reasons you should read this book.

1. 350 million people suffer from some form of depression around the world.
If millions of people are suffering from depression why are people still not considering it an illness?

2. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
So many people wish not to touch on this subject, but in A Fight Worth Finishing I speak on suicide from a suicide survivor’s perspective. I feel many are committing suicide because of the lack of dialogue about it. This needs to change.

3. People going through depression can often relate to someone who’s been through it themselves.
While everyone doesn’t suffer from depression in exactly the same way, those suffering can have similar signs and symptoms as others. One of the main reasons I wrote A Fight Worth Finishing is so others can relate and know that they too can find recovery. Depression is a hard-fought battle. However, when someone else who has also fought makes it out, this can give hope to those still fighting, as well.

4. Depression can be highly treatable if you are willing to be helped.
Many people don’t even know this. They just choose to suffer in silence. Before I made it to recovery I suffered for years. I was embarrassed to get help. I had to learn there was nothing to be ashamed of. In A Fight Worth Finishing I discuss what made me finally come to terms with my illness. I want others to realize help is the answer. You don’t have to do this on your own.

5. This issue is NOT going away.
By the year 2030 the World Health Organization estimates depression will be the second highest medical disability right behind HIV and AIDS.

Yes you heard me correctly. The numbers are steadily rising. In A Fight Worth Finishing I explain why I decided to become an advocate and what I’m doing to help fight statistics like this.

6. Even if you don’t have depression you know someone who does.
People who are not educated on depression can very well say things to harm others still suffering. Even without meaning to do so. Saying the wrong words to someone who is severely depressed can spiral them deeper into their illness. By reading A Fight Worth Finishing you can look into the mind of someone who has suffered first hand. You can see into the thoughts of people going through depression and the affect it has on the body and the mind (yes, depression affects your body as well).

Adding A Fight Worth Finishing to your book collection is not only educational and thought provoking…it can also very well save someone’s life.