Skincare Is The Newest Form Of Self-Care During The Pandemic


Baby, it’s cold outside!

Do your lips feel chapped and dry in the winter?

In the words of one of my favorite dermatologists, Dr. Shereene Idriss, Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist:

“My morning ritual that has saved my lips is lip basting. Twice a week I start off with a gentle hydrating chemical exfoliant such as lactic acid or glycolic acid. I follow this by applying a thick layer of ointment on my lips which I refer to as lip basting.”

How many of you practice lip basting? It looks like the most perfect way to show love to your lips these cold months.

Our skin tends to get drier in the winter months due to the weather and indoor heat that reduces the moisture in the air. No one likes dry skin because it feels uncomfortable, and to be honest, we all want smooth and soft skin.

These are difficult times, and we need to take care of ourselves the best way we can. I have started giving myself self-care Sundays where I devote extra time to really take care of my skin. I try to nourish different parts of my body that I have neglected for years. Hello, rough feet.

It is a day for me to thank my body for bringing me this far in life and keeping me strong.

And the key? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

That is my beauty mantra for the winter. Winter skincare is serious business. 2020 was a challenging year where we focused on emotional and mental wellness, and many people started focusing on skincare as a part of their self-care routine and wellness because it helps.

During this stressful time, I found this magical Secure Attachment Comfort Serum that has hyaluronic acid and Helichrysum italicum—a flower iconic to the Mediterranean that’s designed to decrease cortisol (the stress hormone) while hydrating and soothing the skin. Who doesn’t want to decrease their cortisol level right now?

People are taking back their power and focusing on taking care of themselves in ways that are most personal and comfortable to them, and many have turned to holistic and sustainable skincare.

“Wellness is taking on a new meaning this winter in the age of COVID-19 and that absolutely pertains to skincare. Of course, the winter brings with it colder weather, a drier climate, and the need for more substantial and hydrating products. We all want to look and feel our best and self-care routines allow us to feel empowered, slow down, and check-in with ourselves.”Alyssa Baker, Founder of RIOT Media Group, a PR agency catering to beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands, and Founder of Aura Self & Soul Care, a modern wellness boutique launching spring of 2021

I have noticed a lot of my friends and family have started paying more attention to skincare as part of taking care of themselves. Skincare has been one of the strongest beauty categories for the year. It has been a year of chaos and uncertainty and taking care of yourself has given people that sense of control and power. Also, many people have claimed that not wearing makeup has drastically improved the quality of their skin as well.

Personally, I have always valued skincare over makeup, and ‘skinimalism’ is going to be the biggest beauty trend of 2021. It is the perfect fusion between skincare and minimum makeup where the main focus is on naturally glowing skin to achieve a very natural and minimal makeup look.

It is about self-acceptance and being more real. No more filters and photoshopping, we are going to show our true selves.

It is about loving the skin that you are in and accepting the imperfect you, which is perfect in all ways.

Winters can be tough, and the pandemic is not making it any easier for us. Take care of yourself and each other during this challenging time. Prioritize self-care and be kind to others and yourself.