Slang Derived From Literary Classics


Elizabitching: To be a snarky character everyone loves

Heathcliffing: To still be dating/ courting a girl when the relationship or any possible relationship is clearly doomed

A Virgil: Someone who’s there for/ with you for your toughest/ wildest adventures

Doing/ getting a Madam Bovary: Doing something sexual with a guy or receiving a sex act from a girl in a moving vehicle

A Moby Dick: A girl/ guy a guy/ girl is fixated on

Miss Havishaming: Waiting on a former partner to return to you when it’s clearly not going to happen

He/she’s Yossarianed: Ditching a party they didn’t really want to go to

It was chocolate covered cotton: Being tricked into something that’s a dud

Grapes of Wrathing: Seeking work

I’m Josef Okay: Feeling lost/ overwhelmed but still searching i.e. for a party or a club

We’re waiting for Godot: Waiting for someone that isn’t going to show up

John’s hanging himself: Someone feeling guilty for sex acts they’ve participated in/ received/ performed

She Lolita’d: A hot girl ruined by pregnancy

He’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover: A guy who had an affair with a girl in a monogamous relationship

He/ she’s my Sal Paradise: A crazy friend you idolize, following them wherever they go because they’ll always find/create a good time

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image – Chris