4+ Best Small Soaking Tubs You Should Buy


When it comes to adding a touch of luxury to your home, there are few items more coveted than a beautiful soaking tub. A cherished tradition in cultures throughout the world, this style of bathtub was popularized by ancient peoples, such as the Romans and the Japanese, and has become increasingly popular in the West. 

However, congruent with the trend of bigger tubs is also the trend of smaller houses. Some families simply do not live in a home big enough to accommodate a full soaking tub, while others live in apartments, and others are popularizing tiny houses, the micro-living quarters that stand in stark contrast to the oversized McMansions popularized by the 90s. However, just because you are living in a smaller space does not mean that you need to forego simple luxuries like a soaking tub.

The bathroom is both where you get ready for the day and unwind, as well. Having space where you can do that is essential to your overall well-being, and can provide an extremely desirable addition to your home, both for yourself as well as potential buyers if you were to sell down the line. This is true whether you have a sizable bathroom or not.

Small soaking tubs, primarily ones that are more vertical than horizontal, are not only great options for a home in which space is limited, they can also come with added benefits that a more lateral tub cannot.

What Is A Soaking Tub?

A soaking tub differs from a traditional bathtub in that it is typically larger to hold more water and allow users to relax in it. 

Traditionally, soaking tubs do not include jets, however, newer designs may include them. This would classify as a whirlpool bathtub. These resemble hot tubs, whereas soaking tubs more so resemble traditional oversized tubs. 

Soaking tubs come in several varieties, some of the most popular include clawfoot tubs, which are tubs that hover above the floor and offer a classic, upscale appearance. Others include garden tubs, which are placed in a sunroom or other kind of area with a view, Roman tubs, which are fitted onto a deck and users can lower themselves into, and the most popular, Japanese tubs, which are longer in stature and are often made from wood.

Though there are different types of soaking tubs you can look into, their most distinguishing trait is being oversized, which means that most options wouldn’t suit the needs of someone with a smaller home. However, there is still a way to make it work. 

How Can I Fit A Soaking Tub Into My Small Space?

Of course, a soaking tub that is too big for your bathroom isn’t going to look luxurious, it’s just going to seem out of place. Fortunately, there is still a way to achieve the experience you want.

First, you will want to choose a tub that does one of two things: either it fits the dimensions of the tub you already have in your bathtub, but just offers more depth, or find one that is longer than it is wider — such as a traditional Japanese soaking tub — that will allow you to actually immerse your entire body into the tub, while potentially taking up less floor space than a longer, more shallow option would.

If you are pressed for space, consider utilizing other minimalist design principles, or rearranging the positioning of your appliances in the bathroom. Keep in mind that moving anything with water or electric pipes will likely require the work of a professional who can safely install them. 

However, if you aren’t looking to do a complete renovation, you can still minimize the number of extraneous items and accessories in the room, find creative ways to store toiletries and other necessities, and build extra features such as shelving onto the walls. 

Our Favorite Small Soaking Tubs

When it comes to choosing the soaking tub that’s right for your bathroom, you will want to take into account how much reconstruction you’re willing to do, as well as the experience that you want to have. Any of the following options will undoubtedly provide property value and luxury to your space, and the possibilities are virtually endless:

[tc-product id=”bcaypldg”]

This tub is a traditional Japanese-style soaking tub, which is long enough so that your entire body will fit in it (save for your neck, of course) but takes up less square footage on the floor itself. This tub is also unique in that it is finished with hammered copper, which not only gives it a more modern look but also makes it more durable than the traditional wooden tubs.

[tc-product id=”vzozwpf”]

This tub is perfect if you’re not looking to change the arrangement of your tub in the bathroom, but instead, just want a deeper and more accommodating tub. The simplicity of this option makes it a quick swap and requires minimal reconstruction.

[tc-product id=”motixks”]

This tub is another drop-in option that allows you to maintain the placement of your previous tub, but still, have the luxury of a deeper and more accommodating space to relax.