So These Are Some Things I Almost Tweeted, But I Didn’t, And Then I Saved Into My Draft Thingie, And Then Posted Em On My Blog, And Now, They Got Edited Into A Thing Idk


they postponed trick or treating in mount olive a real tragedy

stared this dog in the eyes for a bit, she didnt move, told her im lonely & grabbed her up & took her to bed for cuddling

once someone sent me a letter saying she hoped i didnt think shes a slut/at the time i didnt know what she was talking about but now i do/idk whatever i guess

ugh annie clark

just thought of a retarded tweet, something to do with having a cold, was supposed to be a joke, was pretty fuxking dumb

not wearing underwear doesnt feel sexy, like in movies they always make it out to be like some sexy thing. i guess seems convenient, but barely. no idk, idgi.  not sure why i did this

theres a cute boy in my class, hes like really stupid is the only thing

il go to sleep, il wake up, il eat an oreo and go about my day hoping on change

these two guys must be models, very tall, both got on train together, very hot, in model-y clothes, hot

saw a fat woman w a skrillex haircut

im a sick person tryna party and its not working out besides being drunk

they asked if i had a bf then i said lol no then they said lets exchange numbers and i said no i dont even know u and laughed and ran away

wish i were a gay boy

dreamt that my mom called me fat in front of a large group of people

at some point, a tollbooth worker has to run across highway lanes, its part of their job, hm

little boy is staring at me while banging his head on a table, 

bowling scores: 122, 125, 128. perfect progression. thank you.

would be interesting if u were able to delete other peoples tweets, like imagine that right

college, for me, idk about u, is all about hating everyone else in ur classes because theyre a bunch of fucking idiots with dumb opinions

how do i get girls to hang out with me some times

its like, im sure if i wanted someone to just have sex with that would not be hard to find, theres lots of people, and

oh man i slept w my contacts in, ‘gta stop drinking’ lol jk

like in channing tatum sex dream he literally straddled me and started pounding his chest and i really enjoyed it

a minister just told me his story about how he almost kill himself and then an angel saved him, i said ‘yea nice story’

~8yo girl in subway sitting next 2 me said to her friend ‘i wont live long enough to go to pennsylvania or japan’

swag swag swag get splashed w water idk whats going on but

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