Social Media Is (Probably) Why You Hate Your Life


When I think about my life and where I am today, I wish I was a different person.

I wish I was going out to lavish dinners, posting on the gram and Facebook about how great my life is and so on and so forth.

As of now, however, that is not happening. I go to therapy, friends are kinda far and few for now, I am broke, so I am not balling with money to buy the things I want and all and all, most of the times, I am wondering why I am the person I am and when I will be truly happy.

I am still coming to terms with dealing with a mental illness and recovering from life events that shifted things for me significantly.

However, most of what I am lamenting about is something I know has to do a lot with social media.

We are constantly fed standards and projections of living that force us to want to be someone we are not and often all that does, is cause us to hate who we are in the process.

A lot of millennials and 20 somethings feel this way and I know that for a fact. According to Forbes, “The more we use social media, the less happy we tend to be…We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as we scroll through our feeds and make judgments about how we measure up.”

If you truly sit and think about it, a lot of us don’t need to post about every little goddamn thing we are doing, but the culture of media perpetuates this kind of behavior.

And it’s as if, nothing is off limits when it comes to sharing.
I have literally seen mothers in the bed, IV in their arms, sharing a photo of their newly born child. Not even moments as intimate as such are able to be secured for just mother and child.

I need you to understand this: What you see on social media, is a moment, a creation just for everyone to think everything is perfect in their lives, simply because we are taught not to post anything that about ourselves and our worlds that aren’t perfect.

You have no clue what that person faces on a daily basis, their pain, their journey. When you see my facebook page, for instance, I look amazing.

But I fight demons people who may have endured themselves wouldn’t be able to stand. I struggle, but you’ll never see that.

No one can control how their life is all the time, the circumstances they will endure, etc.

So obviously you can’t control if you are financially stable and living the life that you dreamed of, and of course, showing it off as well.

But hating yourself for that doesn’t make anything better and you don’t deserve that.

You will attain your own blessings that you can be proud of even if they are not perfect moments that you need to share on social media.

We all struggle with self-esteem, we are all victims of social media and the image of perfection as well.

But if you ask yourself why you really hate your life, why you are unsatisfied, think about how you really want to be perceived and if social media has anything to do with it. And trust me, I am sure you will find an answer.

It’s all a facade, it’s all social pressure. At the end of the day, social media is the reason you hate your life.