Some Of The Strongest Girls Still Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Doing In Life


She has a rough idea of what she wants out of life, but there are still things she hasn’t figured out. There are still unanswered questions that nag at the back of her mind.

Some nights, she lets the unknown bother her. She feels like she’s behind in life. Like everyone around her has found their path and is in the process of following it toward their future. But she isn’t even sure whether she’s pointed in the right direction.

Of course, she doesn’t let her confusion stop her from reaching success. She puts 100% effort into everything that she attempts. And when she fails, she doesn’t dwell on it. She learns from it. And she moves the hell on.

So what if she doesn’t have her entire life planned out in her twenties? Maybe it’s better that way. Some of the best things that happened to her were unpredictable. She never could have guessed life would lead her where she is today — and guess what? She’s pretty damn happy.

No, she’s not where she wants to be exactly. But she’s proud of how far she’s come. And she knows, she knows, that she can go further. That she can get better.

Right now, she isn’t sure where her future will take her, but honestly, that’s kind of exciting. She has no idea where she’ll be living or what she’ll be doing in the next ten years or in five or even in two.

She doesn’t have a concrete plan, but that means she’s flexible. She’s open to all the possibilities the universe has to offer her.

Sure, she’s jealous of the friends that knew what they wanted to do back when they were in high school, or even in college. She wishes that she knew where she was headed so she could start her hike toward success, but she’s just not ready yet.

She might feel stuck, but it’s okay that she’s still figuring it out. It’s not like she’s been sitting on her ass, complaining about how the world is against her. She’s been trying to learn what she wants, who she is.

She has a good head on her shoulders. She works hard. She thinks before she acts.

She’s not lazy. She knows that she has to get her shit together. And she’s working on it.

She might not feel like she’s making any progress, but she is, a little more each day. And eventually, everything is going to come together. She’s going to realize what she’s meant to do in this life. And she’s going to charge after it with all her heart.

Because this girl is strong. She’s fierce. She’s capable of anything that she sets out to do — and once she figures out what the hell that is, she’ll be unstoppable.