Some People Are Meant To Let Go


Some people come into your life like boosters for a rocket. When rockets go off into space, the boosters fall off when they reach a certain altitude. And just like that rocket, as you reach certain altitudes in your life, not everyone will be able to hold on. So don’t feel discouraged when you start to notice that they fell off. It doesn’t make them bad boosters, they just couldn’t reach where you were going.

Some people disappear from our lives in the blink of an eye, sometimes faster than we thought and quicker than we imagined. It’s crazy how we consider temporary people to be a lifetime when they were only meant for a short period of our lives, and it’s crazy how we consider lifetime people to be temporary when they were meant to be forever.

We see the forever in never and see the never in forever.

As you continue to grow and blossom into who God has created you to be, some people will be seasonal, and they will not be able to reach the altitudes you are reaching. This becomes the cycle of growing and letting go.

No one wants to let go of close friendships, close relationships, or even close family members, but sometimes it gets to that point where eventually they will let you go, or you will let them go. If you want to grow into your fullest potential, you’re going to have to understand the concept of losing some people that are no longer meant for you.

You’re going to outgrow a lot of people. You have to be willing to let go of whatever leaves. Don’t fight, don’t seek, and don’t plead for what needs to leave your life for the better and greater.

When you outgrow old people, you receive new people but the higher you elevate, the less people come along the way.

There are some people placed in your life right now that are meant for just right now. Appreciate your time with them.

Sometimes you’re the one outgrowing people because some people are stagnant in your life and God does not want you to stay there while someone else is stuck in transition. He is transitioning you to outgrow some people so you can become who you were destined to be.

Don’t feel discouraged, because what’s yours will always be yours. It will not be just for a short period or a season of your life. It will last for a lifetime. You are manifesting into the best version of yourself. If you tried to bring back the people that left, they wouldn’t be able handle the new version of you.

Just remember that what leaves was never meant for you. It had to go, but what stays is what’s truly meant for you. It will only stay through all the altitudes that you reach, even if it seems impossible.

I believe in you. Spread love and be great.