Some Thoughts About High School From Going To My 10-Year Reunion


I attended my 10-year high school reunion recently. I had been on the fence for months, ever since I realized I had been added to a Facebook group dedicated to the Princeton Senior High School class of 2004. Being an avid blogger, podcaster, faux “online personality,” etc my thoughts had gotten out on the subject. As such, one of the first things said to me in several situations was “I’m surprised you showed up.” But, I did show up and the night was a mix of several different emotions and thoughts (and alcohol). With that noted, I had what we will call 10 thoughts from my 10-year reunion.

Really, 10 years? … I graduated from high school at 17, and here I am 27 looking to see people I haven’t been around for a decade.

Do I even like these people? … There’s probably a reason I didn’t talk to her in high school. That guy was a jerk. I like that guy; we had science together.

This is awkward … What do we talk about? What have we done for the last 10 years? What the hell? I don’t care about that. Guy walks up to me, says “You still write?” I say yes. We stand in awkward silence before he opens his mouth: “I’m an electrician.”

I need a drink … Liquid courage is my favorite courage! Down a few of these and it might not be as weird anymore.

None of the successful people showed up … Wasn’t that one guy a doctor? Isn’t she doing that one thing? Existential crisis: what defines a success? Am I one? Need beer.

Do I know you? … That guy is talking to those three people I graduated with. I guess I should know him. I remember passing that guy in the hallway a lot. He had longer hair. I feel like we all did. My hair was a mess 10 years ago. This lady knows my name; who is she?

This is kind of fun now … The drinks have been flowing. I have established a set core of these people that I will make mindless chatter with. I have successfully made the rounds and any awkwardness has gone away. I bet these drinks have made me super charming and extra funny.

Judging the ladies … Wow, remember when I wanted to fuck her in high school? She’s dropped from a 9 to about a 6.5 or so. This one, she got a lot hotter. Wonder if anybody is gonna randomly have sex tonight? I’ve been with two girls from the class of 2004; wonder if I’m gonna make it three (or four)?

Novelty of the night is over … Okay. I know about his life. I smiled at her. I heard about that guy’s kids. Do I keep talking to them? I did what I was supposed to do. The bar’s still open for two more hours.

I waited 10 years for this … Really?