Somebody Better Lose Their Job Over This Cereal Fuck Up


In a world filled with pain and heartbreak, we all think of our delicious cereal as a safe place.

Especially Rice Krispies cereal, right?

But Snap, Crackle, and Pop have betrayed our trust.

Sehr Rafique, 17, is a Scottish teen who was trying to find life’s silver lining in a bowel of delicious Rice Krispie cereal (probably). But instead, she found something else.

Source: Daily Record

This f*cking dead bat.

“I screamed the house down when I saw the bat. I am scared of spiders as it is, so this terrified me. I have never seen a bat up close, never mind one which I almost ate,” Rafique told the media.

Rafique has gone on to state that the creature has deterred her family from ever eating Kellogg cereal ever again.

“All our family eat cereal for breakfast, but have been unable to do so after finding the bat. We have loads of boxes in the kitchen cupboard which now won’t ever get eaten.”

Kellogg, in response, has sent the family a voucher for a free box of cereal. Which the family has said there is a snowball’s chance in hell of them using.

“It’s a bit of an insult to be offered another box of cereal when the complaint is about a box of cereal. Bats can carry all sorts of diseases. It’s not the sort of thing you expect to find in food.”

Either Kellogg needs to move their cereal packing department out of a cave, or they need to fire Batman from the assembly line.