Someday, Someone Will Come Into Your Life And Love You For You


Our views in love change as we grow up. From idealistic and foolish, we become this mature and realistic person as a result of our decisions, mistakes, experiences and some other circumstances that life presents.

Some things are beyond our control and PAIN becomes inevitable.
This perfect “world” starts to crumble and sad songs become more meaningful as if they are written especially for the broken hearts. Shame on us for believing in Walt Disney, where Belle has her Beast and Cinderella has her prince.

Life takes turn and reality hits hard. We realize that this is a journey.
The idealism that we once had was somehow wrong and shallow.
It was selfish and more often than not, one-sided.

Yes, it’s true. Happy endings do happen. It really does.
But what we didn’t know back then is that it will take time.
We have to go through a lot for us to deserve and appreciate.
Experience will hone us to be the person we are destined to be.
And the other person deserves to have.

As we grow and mature, we acquire so much wisdom and kindness.
It is through sufferings that we gain compassion.
It is through heartbreak that we know forgiveness.

We discover that love is more and deeper than attraction and infatuation.
We become selfless and learn how to compromise.
We learn to love the imperfections of the other and completes us, making us whole.

Then slowly as time passes by, we may find the one our hearts are craving for.

The one who loves us for the right reasons.