Someday You Will Move On From Them


You’re deep in the throes of heartache, drowning in your loss, wishing for them to come back to you. You would give anything to take back your words, your actions, your attitude, to be flawless in their eyes so they’d welcome you back into their life. But though you fear that you’ll feel this way forever, trapped in a painful cycle of loss and bittersweet memories, someday you will move on from them.

Someday you will forgive. You’ll be gentle with yourself when you begin to ruminate over the past, reminding yourself that you were the best you could have been at the time, even if you’ve grown. You’ll feel empathy for the one who walked away, learning to accept that they acted to preserve their health and happiness, just as you are now. You’ll never forget the way they touched you when you felt broken, the music of their laugh, the way they surprised you on your hardest days, but you’ll no longer harbor hatred in your heart for the way they left you.

Someday you will feel content. You’ll discover that losing the one you held so dear has enriched your life, your connection to others, your desire to treat others with love and tenderness. You’ll deepen your connections with your loved ones, allowing them to take up the cavernous space in your heart instead of pining over the one you miss. You’ll still feel the sting of the day they left, sifting through photographs and wishing you could revisit them, but the moments of longing will pass more quickly when you recognize how many loving people surround you.

Someday you will find the strength to begin again. You’ll feel empowered in your pursuit of love and friendship, ready to let someone new into your life. You’ll understand that the one who left you walked away because they no longer fit into your life, and as you search and connect and bond, you’ll remain open to finding someone whose season of life perfectly matches yours. You’ll know that the one you loved is irreplaceable, that only they possess the special brand of magic that drew you to them, but you’ll understand that the only way to let go of your pain is to find someone who will love you as you are now, purely and unconditionally.

You worry that you’ll forever fixate on the moment when they walked away, the fire in their eyes and the shrapnel in their voice as they said goodbye forever. But someday, you’ll move on from them, accepting that they’re no longer meant for you, treasuring the memories you shared, feeling ready to start over. And in that moment, as you move forward, rediscovering love and connection, you’ll finally feel free.