Someday You’ll Realize You Never Should Have Let Me Go


The day you left me, you left me with a great amount of confidence. You left with no signs or warnings leading up. You weren’t you the day you left me. I’ll never understand what was going on through that stubborn brain of yours, but I do know your heart was trying to fight to stay.

It’s not every day you come across a love so great like ours. It’s not something you can wake up and decide to go find. It comes along when you least expect it to and when you find this kind of love you hold on to it as tight as you can and pray, just pray you don’t ever lose it. Sometimes our head tries to play awful games with us, tries to take away things that make you happy. Tries to tell you to settle for something or someone much less great until it stops playing games with you and you realize and regret what you have given up on. At first you’ll think that her simplicity is what you need in your life. It’s easy and content, but you are not a simple guy. You need adventure, mystery, excitement. You need a girl you cannot read on her best days, but can read on her worst days. You need a girl who keeps you at the edge, always wondering.

You’ll start to wonder what’s missing from your life, when you list off these things you’ll realize I am the answer.

Mothers warn their daughters about boys like you. The ones who make you feel like you’re on top of the world just by watching them sleep next to you. The ones who’s scent you’ll never forget and will always make you go crazy. The ones you could listen to them talk all night long just to listen to their voice. The ones who make you feel safe, so you let your guard down easily.

And then one day, you realize…

You realize I am the one, and always will be.

I’m girl who will always keep you smiling, and laughing. I’m the girl who will never leave your mind, you’ll always be thinking of me. I’m the one who will cherish your every movement, your every breathe. I’m the one who will be your shoulder to cry on and will stay up all night long listening to you. I’m the girl you never quite thought actually existed. The one who makes you whole again, and never leaves your side even when you aren’t around.

And then you finally realize… and that day my love will be the greatest day of your life.