Someone Got Really Offended By An Instagram Video We Posted And The Couple In It Responded Perfectly


On our Thought Catalog Instagram page we like to post videos. We take pieces that resonate with our audience, and we go through the process of creating beautiful scenes to accompany them. We add music, we do voice overs, and we try to bring the writing on our website to life.

Yesterday night, we posted this video based on a Nikita Gill poem called “Love A Soft Person”

The people in the video are an actual couple, who are really, really, really in love — so when a user called it out for being a skewed, and bad, representation of admiration and relationships, this is how they responded (the black circle is the follower who did not agree with the video, and the pink circles are the couple in the relationship)

What do you think? Are videos like the one shown above responsible for detrimental and damaging ideals of love? Or does the fact that this was a true representation of a very real relationship, promote the idea that love like this still exists?