Someone Hacked U.S. Central Command’s Twitter Account And It’s Actually Hilarious


Today, individuals claiming to be ISIS (@cybercaliphate) hijacked U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts during President Obama’s speech on increasing U.S. cybersecurity. They also released a bunch of previously released and publicly available military documents that are years old from the CENTCOM account, claiming they’d “hacked” them from U.S. military mainframes which they hadn’t.

In the grand scheme of things this means literally nothing in terms of the U.S.’s computer systems vulnerabilities and everything for Twitter’s and YouTube’s (because the Pentagon doesn’t run these sites, obviously) but that hasn’t stopped some from becoming very worried that they’re gonna get us.

First here’s how you should be looking at these hacks, courtesy of XKCD via Twitter.

Actually it’s even less threatening than tearing down a poster. It’s more like someone tearing down a CentCom poster that was on loan to someone else but here’s how some people are trying to spin it, that it means something. Piers Morgan really took the bait and ran with it.

And there’s this hilarious exchange over at Fox Nation’s comments section:

And this hilarious comment about securing the entire internet:

Luckily, there are a number of funny and sane individuals on the Twitters that saw the event for what it was, an opportunity to make jokes.

And one very smart person pointed out that the general population’s ignorance about how the internet works or, well, what it even is, really, should be paid no heed.