Someone Re-Edited Major Films To Only Include Lines Spoken By People Of Color And The Results Are…Well, Short


Recently, actor Dylan Marron created a Tumblr page, that shines a spotlight on the lack of diversity in major Hollywood films.

Marron re-edited films to only include words spoken by people of color, and the resulting clips are distressingly short.

Take this edit of 2012’s Moonrise Kingdom:


A movie that clocks in with a running time of 1 hour and 34 minutes has less than 10 seconds of dialogue from a person of color.

Ten seconds.

Not to mention this lengthy collection of lines from 2014’s Into The Woods:


Oh. Oops.

But don’t worry! Hope is not lost!

Some of these videos are CONSIDERABLY longer.

So long, in fact, that you might have enough time to switch the video to full-screen mode before it’s over.


Of the videos Marron has uploaded so far, this video is the longest at a whopping 55 seconds.

Go Team.

While this is not the first time (nor will it be the last) that people have tried calling attention to the lack of diversity in Hollywood films, it is a very powerful method that is gaining a lot of (much-needed) attention.

One can only hope that if people continue to call Hollywood out on this massive issue, it will start to pay serious attention to its diversity problem.

So what do you say, Hollywood? Can we finally get to the point where these types of videos aren’t necessary?